NZXT H-Series

H500 and H200i

NZXT’s vision for modern PCs

H500 and H200i

The entire H-Series showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PCs and includes form-factors from mid-tower ATX down to Mini-ITX. Each includes builder-friendly features like generous airflow, removable brackets for mounting fans and radiators, a patent-pending cable management system, signature PSU shroud and cable management bar, and a stunning tempered glass panel.

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H500 case


Compact Mid-Tower Case with Tempered Glass

The H500 showcases the signature design of the NZXT H Series cases. The elegant all-steel construction includes the iconic cable management system to streamline building and upgrading your system. You can easily build a powerful system with plenty of options for storage and cooling. The H500 includes two Aer F* fans and a seamless tempered glass side panel.

H200i case


CAM-Powered premium mini-itx case

The H200i showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PC building. This premium mini-ITX case features a unique CAM-powered Smart Device that digitally drives RGB lighting and fan performance. You can effortlessly control RGB lighting and fans, while Adaptive Noise Reduction optimizes your build’s acoustics through machine learning and ideal fan settings. Includes two integrated Aer F fans and a RGB LED strip to enhance the aesthetics of your build as seen through the H200i’s stunning tempered glass panel.

Beautiful Craftmanship

The H-Series cases are available in four color combinations to match your taste, and its elegant all-steel construction is shared across all sizes in the new H-series. The tempered glass panel and signature PSU shroud and and iconic cable bar to showcase your beautiful builds.

H-series angled

Streamlined Cooling

We simplified water-cooling installation: a front drop-in bracket is designed for radiators up to 280mm, and integrated reservoir mounting for custom-loop systems. Aer F 120mm fans are included for optimal internal airflow. To preserve your system’s clean looks, front and PSU intakes are fully filtered.

H-series side

Smart Controls that matter (i-Versions)

With features from our HUE+ and GRID+ V3 digital controllers, the CAM-powered Smart Device allows effortless control of RGB lighting and fans using our intuitive CAM software. Choose from pre-defined lighting and fan modes or create your own to perfectly match your system. The included RGB strips feature individually addressable LEDs and you can add up to two additional strips.

smart controls

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