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  • Forgot to add, the 'Late night' mode is really good. Takes all the bass away from the sub and directs to the satellites. Isn't particularly amazing sound on this setting but it's better than my old speakers, not sure how great it'll sound compared to your bose companions though!
    It's a weird one, a lot of time I have them at like 20% volume which is more than loud enough for ordinary use but despite having the sub levels high it still isn't very bass'y at all. You really have to crank the volume up to reap the benefits which isn't always practical. Was playing some battlefield though and tanks rumbling past and choppers going overhead was pretty dam scary.

    Beware, the sub is freakin' huge!
    yes friend, they make my house shake :D they're decent, really clear and stuff. I think I've been spoilt by the Bose in my car though which I can turn up a bit louder than my corsairs before being cussed at!
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