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    PCSPECIALIST Optimus II issues

    Finally got it today, and I cannot seem to install neither bluetooth, webcam or any other of the optional drivers hence it says hardware wasn't found. Any ideas what to do ?Thanks
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC Insurance ?

    Hey everybody, Looking forward to purchasing a rather expensive machine, would anyone recommend any decent computer insurance from theft in the uk ?Thanks I live in Glasgow, so you can never be too careful D: Cheers
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    PCSPECIALIST 6870 Crossfire OR 1x GTX 570

    Hello forum, Having a tough time deciding which off I'd end up being better with taking future prospect into account. First I thought of taking gtx 570 and upgrading when the need is up most to SLI, then i saw some benchmarks, that 6870 and 570 both in sli or crossfire scale nearly the same...