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  • Just saw your rig specs, ouch!! Hope you don't use it just for word processing and forums :) Restecp
    Ah Frenchy, you're a legend! "plenty, just measured with a tiny ruler" <-- This made me laugh XD But yea, thanks, the wall i want to put the table against is 134cm long. So a table that long will hopefully be fine, considering the monitors are in like an arch anyway. If not, I have another wall i can put a bigger table against :)
    Hmmm, okay, im 5'7 and that is 178cm. So in terms of table width, do you think that would be a long enough table. Or maybe ample space.
    Hey Frenchy, you told me to remind you to see if you can find out the measurments of your computer desk? :)

    Ta Tim
    Hey Frenchy

    Do you know the dimensions of your table holding your 3 monitors? If you dont know them, thats fine, but if you can find them out it would be helpful :)

    Thanks, Tim
    Many thanks for comment. Tried learning earlier version of HTML, and gave up. You might inspire me, because I've also lapsed from Flash! Re SSD - yes, I considered it for exactly your reasons, but I decided to wait and myself add one with lesser capacity than PCS offer. Thanks again.
    Theres just nothing there :l Kind of odd.. But he says it works.. Need to buy a breakaway usb cable for it though.. -.-
    My friends lent me his xbox controller, but it doesn't have any buttons above the triggers... Do you really need them in F1 2011?
    Your inbox is full by the way ;)

    Also, i can't afford a controller, im skint now :( I WILL master the keyboard! You have witnessed me say this, so.. You'll have to bare with me... ;)
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