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    I am considering a PC with the Asus P6X58D-E motherboard. I understand that this board has the following PCI(e) slots: 1x PCIex1 3x PCIex16 2x PCI I'd have a soundcard (Creative Fatal1ty Pro), which I assume would fit in the PCIex1 slot (right?). An nVidia GTX465 would go in the first...
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    I'm looking at specifications for a new computer. I don't play games, but use my computer for digital photography and video editing. I've tried various configurations and arrived at the following. Total price is £1,571. What do you think? Would you change anything? Also, I intend to fit...
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    PCSPECIALIST Sound card choice

    I am slowly working out specs for a new computer but am confused about sound cards. There are several options from Creative, but I can't find a good comparison online to figure out what the difference is and which one I should go for. I don't play games, but do use my computer to listen to...
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    PCSPECIALIST Graphics card fan noise

    I putting specs together for a new computer, to be used for graphics/photo work and video. I am struggling to decide on a graphics card because I want the computer to be quiet, so don't want lots of fan noise (I'm aiming at whisper quiet!). I've been looking at the nVidia range, because of the...