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    PCSPECIALIST Decent Headset?

    Can anyone recommend a decent headset? Not looking to spend too much money, just something that does the job reasonably well. Cheers guys!
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    PCSPECIALIST Who's Your Team?

    With the new reason rolling around thought it would be good to find out who everyone's team was. For me its Rangers, we're not doing to well at the moment finance wise, no new seasons in a few years but still one back to back titles. Scottish football might be rubbish but that doesn't stop us...
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    Any fans? I only recently got into them. Something a little bit different about them, guessing its the vocals ha.
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    PCSPECIALIST Upcoming Gigs.

    Anyone heading off to any? 2nd August - Alice In Chains 17th August - Blink-182 (Though me and all my mates are wondering why we got tickets ha) 26th August - Limp Bizkit 16th October - Alter Bridge 26th October - Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour 3rd December - Volbeat 4th December - Airbourne...
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    PCSPECIALIST Its here!

    3 minutes past 8 and it arrived! Still currently going through and installing all my software, etc. But heres some pictures! Will get some better ones later. Also Benchmarks, etc. The box was HUGE! One inside the case. The Fenrir with the red top looks awesome, so does the ASUS brand...
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    So what do all you guys listen to? I'll listen to pretty much anything but leaning to more the rock/metal. Aslong as the vocals ain't just barking I'm good.
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    PCSPECIALIST Here we go!

    This should be getting ordered tomorrow, just need to head down and lift the money from the bank to give to my folks so they can put it on their card. Now to start the process of backing stuff up and making lists of software I need to install! Case COOLERMASTER HAF 922 MID TOWER GAMING CASE...
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    PCSPECIALIST One for the fanboys...

    This one could turn out to be quite fun aswell as helpful. Thinking between the HD5870 and the GTX 480. I've been out of the loop for too long to know who's what and where. Is the GTX worth the extra cash? As, well the 5970 is a bit out of my price range at the moment.
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    PCSPECIALIST Just thought I'd say hello!

    Will be buying me new system from you guys pretty soon (Just making those final decisions). So I thought I would sign up and no doubt stick around!