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  • Hi there, sorry to bother you but when you have time could you please check when my pc should go through testing, it has been almost 4 working days now since it was build and im curiouse as to why theres such a delay with mine.

    "Gorman has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. 95% of this space is given over to discussions about crochet and needlepoint"

    Word for word that's what it said!

    P.S. One word: Mouse :D
    Where's all the ati bashing you mentioned?

    I've really lost track these days with who's got the fastest this, who's got the longest that. Where are we at? No bias please :D

    I have recently posted a thread that is pending your approval. Can you please approve my thread, as you can see, I see to have problems with my order and I want to get other's opinion on how I can escalate..

    Thanks in advance,
    Hey, My PC dosesn't work, and your customer service sucks and and I want a couple of RMA's and some sauce and you are all mean to me and all that jazz. Love that your Avi is of GERTY from Moon :)
    Hello gorman :) I've sent emails to PCS via the website mail thingy and via email regarding my order (396074) and havent received a reply yet? :(
    Hey Gorman, sorry if I was a bit vexed earlier, had a bit of a shit day as I have been made redundant so I'm a bit edgy.
    Is quite funny now I've had a couple of beers and another read :)
    Can I ask you a non-PC related question? What is the point of rep? I filled out my profile and an amazing sig (o.0) because it kind of looks cool, but seeing as I'm a newbie on forums really, what does rep do?
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