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    PCSPECIALIST Which processor?

    Hello all, I have decided on all my PC's features but hear different things about processors, apparently gaming only needs a dual processor so is it worth getting a 6 core amd processor? Im looking for the best Processor for gaming, can someone please give me the recommended amd model. Much...
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    PCSPECIALIST 2 Graphics cards or 1 top 1?

    Hi all, I decided to go for graphics rather then 3D, are there any 2 cards when cross fired (ATI) produce better game play (FPS) then the 2GB ATI 5970. Also how bigger effect will the motherboard do going from ASUS M4A79XTD (defult) to AUS Crosshair IV Formula on gaming? Any help would be...
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    Hello all, I don't know wherever to have a higher graphics or 3D? I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience of the gtx 460 on 3D, is it any good? Cheers GullyMan