My 1st degree and trade is in Mechanical Engineering and a 2nd trade and degree in Electrical Engineering. Since then I have had numerous jobs all in Engineering and picked up a lot on that journey. I am now a Consultant and visit clients every day to advise them and assist them in all things related to Engineering of which 50% includes the legal side of Engineering. Hence the reason I can turn my hand to pretty much anything. My hobby is computers. I am not your usual computer buff as at weekends I chase the rain and go down rivers in my kayak, off waterfalls and down gorges.

Computers and white water kayaking
Armadale - Scotland
Multi talented Engineer
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HAF 922 Case, OCX ZX 1250W Power Supply, 120Gb SSD + numerous HDD's, P6X58D-E Motherboard, 12Gb 1600MHz RAM, Extreme i7 990X CPU, 2 x GTX 690's Quad SLI, Aerocool Touch 1000 fan controller, Custom full water cooling loop.