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    Thanks! I'll give that a look and see if I can custom order mine. The measuring part is most tricky tho, especially for the palm rest-mousepad area...
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    For laptop ordered without OS installed, the first thing you will see when you turn it on is always the message that there is no boot media. Unless, you have plugged in a bootable USB drive to install your OS. You may be just looking for the drive at the wrong place in the BIOS settings. So, did...
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    Hi everyone! So, I finally got my Nova 15,6" last week! I am now looking to accessorize it (mainly to protect it, let's be honest) with vinyl stickers, screen protectors, etc. I am looking for things like dbrand skins to basically wrap the lid, palm rest, and keyboard surrounding area, or maybe...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Nova 15.6" CPU Compatibility

    Thank you for the reply! I see, that makes sense indeed. I will try and search for those you mentioned online, maybe I missed them because they are all under different model names (considering that they are from different resellers). I have seen 3950X and 3900, but never seen the 3900X ones. I...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Nova 15.6" CPU Compatibility

    Hi all! I am basically considering getting a Nova 15.6" but am a bit uncertain about the CPU I should go with. I have seen it listed with all kinds of CPUs, from the 3100, 3300X, 3600, 3700X, 3900, and 3950X. I know that all of the Zen 2 CPUs are in principle using the same AM4 socket, but for...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Help: Brand new Optimus XI Pro 17 loud fan noises on idle

    Actually, I also have recently purchased one of these problematic units. I had the 15.6" model, so the GK15NR0O chassis, also with the 4800H and RTX2060. I bought it in the 1st week of July from a retailer called SKIKK/Laptopplus in the Netherlands who happens to be a distributor of...