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    PCSPECIALIST Wireless connection problems

    Just got my enigma III 540 a few days ago and while I'm happy for the most part, the wireless module seems to be a bit haywire. Direct from my wired desktop I get 10Mbit/s Download speeds and 1.2Mbit/s upload speeds. Yet from a few rooms away I am getting barely 1.5 Mbit/s download on my...
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    PCSPECIALIST Laptop Question

    Going to take delivery of my engima III 540 in the next few days. I want to ask, Are you supposed to use it until the battery is dead the first time, then leave it to charge? Or not touch it and wait till it to fully charge?
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    PCSPECIALIST Viewing specs of laptops

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news again, but this time while some one has fixed the issue of no pictures appearing when I click on a laptop photo to zoom in on, now when I click on the three tabs like "detailed specification" they just minimise or something, and I can't actually get to the...
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    PCSPECIALIST Laptop for Work/Gaming

    Hi people, Will be getting this Laptop in the next week if all goes well. Tell me what you think/ Any improvements. I'd like to stick to the £810 budget or thereabouts, unless its a ridiculously good upgrade! i will be using this laptop mostly for Uni work, so word/internet/some mathsey...
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    PCSPECIALIST Anno 1701 and other Anno games.

    Anyone played Anno 1701 or 1404? I was playing the demo of 1701, and for a game that came out in 2006, the graphics look amazing! I bought anno 1404 for £5.99 a few days ago for when I buy me new laptop, could be a while though lol! [/URL] [/URL] And before you ask, yes, I get 8fps in photo...
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    PCSPECIALIST Steam members

    I don't know if this is an original thread, but seems a pretty good idea. Instead of searching through all the members' profiles for their steam usernames, you could just post it in here. I.e. JonnyPx= Fatal_jonny
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    PCSPECIALIST Viewing photos of laptops etc

    I use chrome 10, and when I click on photos of say the enigma III 540, a small white box appears, not the picture! It's just to do with the browser, because I tried the same action in IE8, and it works perfectly.