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    PCSPECIALIST Just bought Airport Express Base...

    So about a month ago I moved into my student accommodation at University to find that there was no wi-fi and simply just one ethernet port in the wall at the desk. Since I have a MacBook Pro this wasn't much of a problem for all of my other devices as I was able to plug the ethernet into my Mac...
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    PCSPECIALIST Apple September Announcement 10th live blog

    For anyone interested you can catch a live blog from techcrunch here or fron Engadget here I'm viewing both, Engadgets is a lot quicker and shorter whereas TC's is slower but covering more precisely. There isn't a live-stream unfortunately.
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    Hats off to EA for not taking any cut either!
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    PCSPECIALIST Questions About Steam??

    To elaborate more...
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    PCSPECIALIST Steam Summer Sale 2013

    woo let the sales commence!
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    PCSPECIALIST Steam Summer Sale 2013

    About to go cold turkey up in here!
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    PCSPECIALIST The *nix screenshots thread

    Not sure what happened to this thread; seems posts have been deleted or something? Unfortunately my monitor on the right although only 17" and doesn't have 1080 like my left monitor; for some reason the cable / port won't read the EDID on monitors (although fine in Windows) so the resolution...
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    PCSPECIALIST Neverwinter

    Anyone playing this? It's now in open beta. I played this in a closed beta last month and jumped on it for a quick blast last night. It's good fun and isn't following the traditional combat system. It uses a kind of hybrid between TERA and Guild Wars 2. If your...
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    Steam Digital Deluxe Edition adds the following extras on top of the Standard Edition: Day 1 Unlock of the Elite Assault Weapons (MKb 42(H) and AVT-40) and Semi Auto Sniper Weapons (SVT-40 and G 41(W): Team Fortress 2 German and Russian hats ("Genuine" if bought during pre-purchase): Two new...
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    ** Only PCS Staff can answer this ** (Unless you've had this done with your own purchase.) So I'm finally going to Uni in September (a few years late) and wanting a laptop as I don't really want to take my gaming desktop 180 miles every time I go up down as I will be getting rid of my car and...
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    I feel your pain...
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    PCSPECIALIST Steam game giveaway! Homefront & Saints Row: The Third

    Ok so i've got a CD Key for Homefront and one for Saints Row: The Third, both legit, got them in bundles and already have them so two lucky winners! The first to message me a love letter and specify which game gets it :wub: PLAY BALL!
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    Well my Mum owns a Cattery & Kennels that I work at part time now I'm out of work and back at college so I guess I have lots of temporary pets! I do own 2 Oriental Fire Bellied Toads however. (The frogs in the picture are mine)
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    Well, 3rd game lucky I guess, would seem I still didn't learn from my first mistakes in terms of research and outfitting, just in time for actual release as well. Game on!