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    PCSPECIALIST Optimus II Replacement

    Hi Guys, Been a while, but now looking to upgrade the Optimus II I bought a few years back. It's still powering on (Although a few issues with the power pin/port getting hot, nothing major). But it's time to upgrade as I need a little more umph on the GPU side of things (the i7-2630QM as...
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    PCSPECIALIST Charger Pin Extremely Hot

    Hi all, it's been a while! Just thought i's drop in and leave a question as i'm curious as to what I can do with the below; I own an Optimus II 17" (yes I know, old!), and has served me well over the years, still doing so now, apart from one thing... When under load and running off A/C the...
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    PCSPECIALIST Chrome/HTML5/WebGL - nVidia Optimus

    Hi all, Here's a question that should keep all you regular forum-goers busy for a short while - as i'm completely out of ideas... I am currently running a HTML5/webGL based application within Chrome which will need the use of the GT555M - not the Intel HD 3000. As standard you cannot assign...
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    PCSPECIALIST Looking for new Desktop

    Hi all, Just wondering people’s opinions on this below - it'll be used for a games and general home stuff but want it to last a few years! Price ideally wants to stay around this price but can make changes if necessary. Case CORSAIR GRAPHITE SERIES™ 600T WHITE MID-TOWER CASE Processor (CPU)...
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    PCSPECIALIST A Disk Read Error Ocurred

    Hi all, Haven't been here for a while, but I'm now without a working laptop. Bit annoying as this seems to be the 2nd HDD related problem since I bought it back in may 2011. I've never had any HDD related problem before in any other laptop/desktop I've owned. This morning I've started up the...
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    PCSPECIALIST Installing 2nd HDD Optimus II

    Hi Guys, More of a question for a PCS MOD/Employee... But - i want to install a 2nd HDD and use a SSD as boot with my HDD as storage. But it hasn't got the SATA connection soldered onto the mobo. Is it possible to pay labour and parts and get it put into the empty bay at all? Or would i have...
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    PCSPECIALIST Finance Options

    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, I've got my previous Optimus II on finance paying about £30 a month for it. The price at the time was £978 but with interest was 1500 over 4 years. I've payed about £450 so far, If i was to pay £528 to bring the total paid to £978, would that be the deal closed...
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    PCSPECIALIST Thought's & Opinions Welcome

    Hello all :), It's been a while since I've been here but I'm back and with a little task for whoever has a spare 10mins... I've got ideas for my desktop already and I'm relatively A-OK with building specs (as some of the older posters may know) But I just want a little input from you guys :)...
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    PCSPECIALIST Optimus II Bios

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm just looking to have a bit more customization options in my bios as it's still stock and I'm wondering where I can get this as Clevo have locked down their Bios. Any links or directions to where I could update it? Cheers in advance guys. Steve
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    PCSPECIALIST BB Speed and Connectivity Issues

    Generally speaking I'm pretty fluent in all things technical and It's not often I come across something that I can't fix... But since changing from o2 to Orange Home broadband (due to the discount you get for being a mobile customer) I've had nothing but problems in regards to reliability. The...
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    PCSPECIALIST Old guys PC advert

    Haha, I had to share this with everyone, I walked out the flats the other day and saw a poster on the door advertising a PC for sale. So naturally I took the time to read what was being sold. I nearly doubled over crying with laughter when I noticed that all this 70 year old had done was print...
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    PCSPECIALIST Thermal Paste Recommendation

    Yes I know this is the wrong area, as i didn't know where to post it (and really wanted a quick response). My PS3 is making helluva noise fan always on 100% and I've decided after seeing the crappy job Sony did with the thermal paste I'm going to re-paste it. Any recommendations on decent...
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    PCSPECIALIST Clevo W170HRM Bios Download

    Been a while since I started my own thread but hey, it's something I don't know yet :p All I ask? A location of the mysterious Clevo W170HRM Bios, it doesn't seem to be listed on the downloads section of their site. I'm sure mine is fine, just for future reference :) Many thanks, Steve.
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    PCSPECIALIST System Needs To Be Restarted

    I've just got thos message as soon as I log on... I'll get a screenshot after I've posted this and restarted. 'System needs to be restarted - Make sure all Driver installed' What's going on? :/ Edit: Typical, it didn't do it when I restarted, it's just It happened to me before and kept...
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    PCSPECIALIST Need Permission From 'Trusted Installer'

    Long story short, Ended up reinstalling windows due to a few faulty drivers. I'm nowhere near the 750GB limit of my HDD, but I've got everything I need from Windows.old and want to delete it to free up the 20GB it's hogging still. One problem, it keeps saying I need permission from SYSTEM and...