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    PCSPECIALIST Looking at a new laptop...

    Happy New Year everyone, hope you're all well! Been a fair while since I've properly contributed on here, life has got in the way unfortunately so have become rather out of date with the hardware knowledge! Anyway, my old laptop sadly passed away the other day so looking for a laptop to be...
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    PCSPECIALIST PCS at the football!!!

    Currently watching the England football game, and up comes PCS on the boards around the stadium!!! Nice advertising guys!! So, did anyone else see it??
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    PCSPECIALIST Petrol Shortage

    Matt from the telegraph has got the idea :) (excuse the bad picture quality, I hope it is still readable!)
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    PCSPECIALIST The best use for an apple product...?

    It is in German but you still get the idea... I think he is trying to make an Apple Strudel (If you'll Pardon the pun ;)!)
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    PCSPECIALIST Guys, we missed the moment!

    We, and surprising Gorman missed the moment! 10,000 members!!! Congrats guys!
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    PCSPECIALIST What router do you suggest?

    Right chaps, have managed to convince my parents into hopefully allowing me to choose a new router. I can't do anything to the connection or anything though, just change the router. It can't be very expensive though, I don't really know the prices of routers but would under £30 or possibly in...
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    PCSPECIALIST Sunbeam Acrylic Cases

    I think these are quite cool, I think the 9 bay one is the best (link below) but I haven't looked into them in detail. I don't know how old they are and what there cooling/cable management is like. I think they look quite cool though! Anyway, have a look at the acrylic series by sunbeam and see...
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    @Drunken Monkey, I feel your pain, have a look at mine, at least you have a better upload and ping. I feel sorry for the 6% slower than me in GB!
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    PCSPECIALIST Best Internet Provider?

    There are various testers out there, that one seems pretty good. You said your download is 1.04kbps. I am 99.9% sure that that is wrong, that is slower than the slowest of dial up connections. 1.04mbps would make more sense although that is slow. I doubt anyone else will beat my score, I think...
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    PCSPECIALIST Is this possible?

    Ok, I wanted to buy one of the mem card readers for £1 but can't connect them to my mobo. Therefore, I was wondering if there was any way to convert the internal header that looks like this (credit to corfate for the pic!): . I need to convert it to a normal male usb 2 plug but am just...
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    PCSPECIALIST pre purchase advice pls

    This is what I get. Whatever I type into password, as soon as I press enter, it automatically puts in 16dots and then says the password is wrong! I really don't know what to do!
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    PCSPECIALIST laptop wifi card antenna connection wanted!

    Ok, I know this sounds a little weird but I was wondering whether anyone has an old laptop that they won't be using the wifi card for anymore. When you open the laptop (normally very easy to access the wifi card) you will see a black wire and a white wire leaving the card. They have snap-on...
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    PCSPECIALIST Difference between 560 and 6990.

    Was just wondering how much the performance increase the 6990 would have over the 560.
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    PCSPECIALIST Could PCS stock more SSDs?

    Although I have nothing against Kingston and Intel SSDs, I was wondering if it was possible that pcs could stock a larger variety. I realise that they used to stock ocz ones and can fully understand why they stopped that. However, is it possible that they could contemplate some different SATA3...
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    PCSPECIALIST Happy Birthday Robert Noyce!

    As title but if it wasn't for him and a couple of others, we wouldn't be on this site now! Here is some info on him: