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    I've never noticed you giving wrong advice - if anything I'd say that your replies are amongst the most sensible and well reasoned ones on the forum.

    In 500+ posts, I can only think of a couple of occasions where I genuinely knew that I had THE answer - all of the rest are just suggestions of possible causes and solutions and are no better than any of yours. There have been several threads where your posts have started me off in the right direction and many more where you've filled in the blanks in my answers. I'd call that good team work.
    Haha yeah all I do atm is build spaceships, though working on a huuuuuge :)P) one at the moment.

    Tis nearly done though lol
    Theyre right next to it, above it and below it, also did u see the gigantic hole ive blown inside the mountain nearby haha
    Not bad not bad, yourself?

    Havent been on so much lately, getting swamped with normal distribution coursework >.<
    Yes and my first duty is to banish you from these lands! mwhaha. Where did u scuttle off to btw? Holiday? Enjoyin' new pc? Haven't seen you around!
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