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    Hi, I've upgraded my PCS rig before (More RAM) and did this by phone but noticed that you now have an 'Upgrade my Computer' page on the website. Is this only for new customers (Or customers post-my order) or is it just not functioning yet? I ask as whilst my PCS computer is running fine, I'm...
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    I have a feeling that this is begging for an AMD vs Intel war, I haven't posted enough to know what's about to happen....! What're people expectations of Bulldozer? Are AMD finally going to get ahead of Intel for the first time in a decade? Or is it going to fall short?
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Advice on upgrading

    Hi all, Below is my current computer from PCS. I'm happy with it and added some more RAM, another HD (I shouldn't rely on externals >.<) and another fan. I'm thinking of upgrading it slowly but surely though. Any suggestions on what should be next? I'm thinking that the graphics cards might...
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    Hi everyone! New owner of a rather good piece of kit from PCSpecialist here, thought I'd say hello ^^