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    PCSPECIALIST Running Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 - Would I need 512GB SSD ?

    Hi Guys , The time is drawing near before I put in my order for my first ever PC Specialist laptop , 3 weeks or so . I can't decide between the Octane 11 or the Defiance 11 [ both 17.3" ] - a lot of folk say the Octane will run too hot but if that's the case then why do PCS build it the way...
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    PCSPECIALIST Watched ' The Revenant ' yesterday .

    I was staying at Inverness over the weekend as my son is studying for his ' Higher ' Drama so I decided to take in a film - ' The Revenant ' was showing so off I went . Without giving anything away , - it was superb with plenty use of wide angled lens and panoramic shots , the acting and...
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    PCSPECIALIST The very best laptop with the very best specs for just under or over £1000 .

    If anyone could advise me on the specs for a 17.3" screened laptop with which I would be photo editing , watching films , general use and some gaming I would be very very grateful . Do I need 2 Hard Drives and what exactly are M Satas ? I know about RAM but the rest just confuses me . Many...
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    PCSPECIALIST Hi , Guys New Member Here Looking For Advice And Stuff !

    Hi Everyone , I have to confess to not having a technical bone in my body , I've joined the PCS Forum to gain some knowledge and to find out which specs will suit my needs - my name is Peter , and I live in NW Scotland . My questions will follow !