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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Vyper 17.3" - Review + Issue + How to manually install drivers?

    Keep at them, you need those drivers.
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Pre production working days

    No wonder there's no bandwidth left in the backbone! [emoji1787]
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    Thanks for this @Nursemorph, much appreciated. I wonder which processes it kills? Nothing serious I'm sure (at least I hope not). Definitely need to uninstall it (or at least turn it off) when troueshooting then.
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Optimus 17.3" does not work as expected

    Don't use the Windows Refresh feature, do a fully clean install from bootable media, deleting all existing system partitions. Whenever you're reinstalling as part of troubleshooting you always want a fully clean install. :)
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    Almost certainly I would have thought - but I don't work for PCS and have no insider information.
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Vyper 17.3 fan vibration

    Can you record the sound it makes and upload it somewhere so we can hear it? I would also suggest opening the case so you can see the fans. That will allow you to confirm it's the fans and get a better recording. With the laptop turned off just see whether the fans look to be installed properly.
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Pre production working days

    I don't think that PCS have ever said that it is. :)
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Sibun1; carry on thread

    This makes no sense on its own, can you please post in whatever thread @sibun1 was assisting you. This one? I'm going to lock this thread.
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    Now that should ring alarm bells. Whenever anything in Windows stops working properly (or at all) there's a problem that needs investigating. It's not wise to just ignore it and fined a way around the inconvenience. :) Do please do another clean install as I suggested. Given the Defender issue...
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    Will do... The minidump is interesting! It's a failure in a driver called edrsensor.sys.... fffffe0f`54484038 fffff803`15001638 Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\edrsensor.sys, Win32 error 0n2 *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for edrsensor.sys ...and edrsensor.sys is...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Advice on Docking station

    It's worth mentioning for others reading this thread that USB C is only a specification for a connector ecosystem, it just defines the physical and electrical requirements and says nothing about what signals will be carried. Those requirements depend on what's using the USB C connector...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Gaming Center malfunctionning

    Hello and welcome to the fora! :) Just so's you know, these fora are not an official support channel and PCS staff don't visit here often. We're mostly happy PCS customers who like to help out where we can. Can you post the full spec for your build from the order page please? That's so that...
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    I've spent the morning going a bit deeper into your recent dump and the failing driver is definitely the graphics driver (nvlddmkm.sys - the Nvidia graphics driver). There is one point in the stack trace where an element of the driver fails to load... fffff882`19bae3f8 fffff802`171f7709...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Portátil Serie Vyper: Pantalla panorámica de 15,6" Mate Full HD LED 144 Hz 72 % NTSC

    I'm glad you're happy. However please only write in English on these UK fora, if you wish to write in Spanish please use the Spanish forum at
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Vyper 17.3" - Review + Issue + How to manually install drivers?

    I'll fire up the moose signal then...