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  • Heheheh my Reputation has doubled in a couple of days thanks to you and Keynes xD Thank yew
    AzY just emailed me telling me you fixed his issue, just a quick message to say thanks! I like it when you make my job easier ;) Your input, as always, has been most appreciated.
    Hey vanthus, got a question for you. I noticed that my PC lists my Ram as having 8GB, but says only 6GB is usable? Any Ideas on why, and how to get it back to the full 8gb?
    Under so much pressure to get the diagnosis right.. Haha :p Running out of ideas! Ta for the rap by the way :)
    Hey Vanthus how's it going?
    Just wondered whether you could advise on my sata port adapter thread in the tech section.
    My pc is getting worse, keeps slowing down/freezing up and giving critical errors and restarting!
    Really want to fit the adapter but don't want to mess things up!

    Any help gratefully received.
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