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  1. SPiiTFiiRE88


    Hi guys, I brought a gaming PC from PCS about 2 weeks ago with an i5 3570k (non overclocked as I want to do it myself) and a h80i cooler. The temps I am getting on the cooler are WAY off, it shoots up to 70 degrees C in prime 95 after 10 mins (this is on stock settings, non-overclocked) I...
  2. SPiiTFiiRE88


    Hi, I just got my new PC from PCS and I have been running some tests as I have the Corsair H80i installed, my processor is the 3570K non-overclocked (as I wanted to overclock myself) Anyway the temps run at around 35 degrees when idle and as soon as I start prime 95 to test it the temps go upt0...
  3. SPiiTFiiRE88

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Do I have to buy Windows 7 ?

    Hi, I have just ordered a pc from PCS and I have just had a thought. Do I have to buy Windows 7 to put onto my new hard drive or can I transfer windows my copy of windows 7 from my old hard drive to the new one? can anyone let me know because it could save me £79 Cheers
  4. SPiiTFiiRE88

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST New PC Ordered, What do you think?

    Hi Guys, I have finaly ordered my PC, see spec below, I will be adding my own parts from my previous build to the machine which I have highlighted in red as I have not had to purchase everything from PCS ase ZALMAN Z11 PLUS BLACK MID TOWER CASE I went for this case as it has good reviews, nice...
  5. SPiiTFiiRE88

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Gaming rig, without Graphics card

    Just wondering if this is a good rig to last me a good few years, I already own a GTX 670 2gb which will go in this system. I only use it for gaming eg. BF3, Skyrim, Total war games, Comapny of heroes 2. (no pictures, film files or anything like that) so I think a 500 gb hard drive wil be more...