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  1. 19dayne

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST NEW pc - No mic is working??

    Hey its Dayne, I got my pc a few days ago and only have just gone on it, installed windows from the test windows. My issue is with my microphone on my headset. it isnt just my headset, i tried my earphones, it didnt work. you cant hear me but when i shout in to the mic it is a loud static...
  2. 19dayne


    Hey, Ordered a pc last week and was just wondering how well DPD does when delivering from PCS. Ive had one terrible experience with DPD (delivery of shoes) and its kind of put me off DPD, so i'm a bit worried. and if anyone who has ordered a PC and got delivered by DPD will let me know the...
  3. 19dayne

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Custom Pre-built Pre-order

    Hey im planning on ordering a custom pre-built with a 3060, and i was wondering how long it would take, or if theres a set time frame on when they'd get the graphics cards. Thanks!