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    PCSPECIALIST 4K 144Hz bigger than 27"

    Hey guys, Im looking for a 4k 144Hz+ monitor somewhere between 32"-38". there's a plethora of 27" around but I'm struggling to find any in the 30 inch category. Im aware there's a few 40"+ knocking around but that's a bit big for my liking. Any suggestion? Thanks!
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Best possible build?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy (yet another) gaming pc with the scope to do some video/photo editing. I don't have a maximum budget and if it made sense, would pay whatever needed for the best spec. I also don't have a monitor in mind as I'm unsure whether to go 2k or 4k. I do prefer FPS over image...
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    Hi, Im looking to get a new pc as my current is getting slightly outdated and unfortunately my motherboard won't allow me to upgrade any components. I need some help as it's a little overwhelming with all the choices. Basically I use my pc for; - gaming. - recording music - editing...