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  1. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST New Firecuda 530 in the Configurator

    There appear to be new m.2 drives available in the configurator, Seagate have produced some monsters here with up to 7300MB/S write speeds! Will need to do some digging into how their Write Endurance stacks up against the 980 pro, but looks like we might have a new contender for the top dog of SSDs!
  2. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST One Happy Camper (5900x 3070)

    After a long period of planning and consulting the gurus on here, I finally ordered my first PC from PCS. Went into build in 25 WD. Was unfortunate to have some issues on receipt with it failing to reboot after initial startup, but the process was impeccable. After a very knowledgeable member of...
  3. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST Scones- Cornwall vs Devon

    On placement and one half of my hosts are from Devon. We’ve been talking about clotted cream and the subject of scones came up. She is adamant about having a cream tea the Devon way, with the clotted cream on the bottom and the jam on top. All my life I’ve had scones the Cornwall way, with jam...
  4. MrWilson


    Been waiting to do this for about 7 months, and now it is time to hit send and buy the PC I have been waiting for next week. Back in November I was full of optimism that things would start to normalise around this time; sadly this hasn't come to pass. I have been very patient though so am saying...
  5. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST Happy Easter!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. I like to indulge myself once a year with an egg, filled with chopped bananas and crushed digestives for a bit of crunch, slightly melted in the microwave. Rather excessive, but a nice tradition to have once a year. What do you guys like to do with your eggs...
  6. MrWilson


    Made brownies today. Perhaps not as sophisticated as some of the other produce on here, but can’t beat chocolate and sugar. Got the recipe from a celiac friend so if people are looking for a gluten free bake I’m happy to share the recipe. Planning to serve warm with vanilla ice cream to round...
  7. MrWilson


    One of the things I encounter a lot when helping prospective customers spec builds is power requirement. I think this is partly due to PSU being a less ‘glamourous’ part compared to the CPU or GPU, and partly due to PCS’s configurator encouraging us to use as small a power supply as possible...
  8. MrWilson


    Six Nations begins this weekend, without a doubt the best annual egg-ball contest. Going to be a bit different with no crowds again, but should have some good rugby played, and all on terrestrial TV. England and France are surely this year's standout favourites, but do we have any other...
  9. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST An Overdue Introduction

    Hello friends, A little late to this thread, seeing as I joined nearly two months ago now (doesn't time fly) but I thought it was finally time to say hello to you all. I am MrWilson, and I like to say 'wow' a lot. I had originally intended to upgrade from the potato back around Black Friday...
  10. MrWilson

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST 2x16 3600mhz vs 4x8 3200mhz RAM

    Hey guys, As many of you are aware, a few customers on the forums have been experiencing stability issues when using 4x8GB 3600mhz with the ASUS motherboards. PCS have added 2x16GB 3600 RAM into the config. Just wanted to check with the experts whether you would recommend 4x8GB of 3200mhz to...