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    PCSPECIALIST 4k monitor, which would you go for?

    So I have been looking for a new monitor since I got my PC back in November from PCS. It has a 3080 strix, 5900x and I'm wanting a 4k panel. I've waited this long as I also have a PS5 and wanted a panel with 2.1 hdmi connections and now a few are in the pipeline that catch my eye. I currently...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST LED strip Question, pics included.

    So I have a LED strip in my Liquid Series build. This is the only RGB I can not control via software (Armory Crate) as its plugged into the PSU. I guess PCS did this as its a UV Led strip and I have the UV clear blue liquid so perhaps they thought I would always have it on. Its not a problem...
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    This is a bit of a weird one and its hard to explain without it turning into a book so trying to keep it short. Currently I also can't post my full specs but I think a lot of you no most of my PC already. Anyway the important bits I think are Strix 570 f MB And im using Armoury crate,aura sync...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST 3 quick power cuts, now problems

    So Ive just had some power cuts, not just me local one, PC was running and now things aren't looking good. First off when I restarted PC I had what looked like a blue screen coming up saying something about PC needs repair, windows something, seemed to have an option to press 4 of the F...
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    Forget that, not even going to say what I did, or didnt do:ROFLMAO:
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    Just been amending my order and wanted to add a 2nd M.2 SSD Drive. Currently I had a 2TB SEAGATE FIRECUDA 520 GEN 4 in the first M.2 SSD Drive slot. I added a 500GB SAMSUNG 980 pro M.2 to the second M.2 SSD Drive slot. I had also changed a few other things and the total came to £126. I went...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Braided Power Supply Cables

    I have a PC on order, going to be a while yet as it has the 3080 so i have time to change things, just wondering about the Braided Power Supply Cables. I haven't added anything here yet as the colours white or black are out of stock till mid December and November, not keen on the blue/red ones...
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    PCSPECIALIST Monitor Recommendations for a PC & PS5

    I have a PC on order from PC Specialist and I am looking at monitors to go with it. It has the 3080 RTX graphics card so I would like the best options available to get the full use of the card. Ive looked at the Samsung G9, G7, Rog Strix XG438Q LG Ultragear 38GL950G to name a few. ( Few other...