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    i was happily playing world of warcraft on my tong fang laptop when it just froze, its been doing it the past few days but quick reboot fixed it and i could continue. i checked for hdd failure with the adata software but it said everything was good last week the files started tp come up as...
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    just realised it was more then a "pc tech" forum lol. hey everyone, you might see a lot of typos when i chat on the forum, however i do my best to proof read everything, i've got a vision problem called keractoconus / pmd, which can make it hard to read. i am practically wearing magnifying...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST 14" LAFITÉ® IV - cellular connectivity?

    need some advice, i purchased the pc listed below with the intention of using it with 4g LTE connectivity, it was convenient having a sim card on the side, so i contacted pc specialist multiple times before placing my order. they assured me it would in fact be able to connect to 4g. i have now...