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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Question about Temps and Fans

    My new PC finally came a few weeks ago now (specs posted below.) I am really happy with it, and having no problems in terms of performance. I have just noticed 2 things. 1) My CPU temps are reaching at points 80 to 85 degrees, is this okay? and 2) I've noticed the PC under a heavy gaming load is...
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    PCSPECIALIST 1440p monitor suggestion

    Hello all, I am currently waiting on working day 16 for my new pc which has a 3070ti. Which means I now need to start looking towards ordering a monitor. Is there any good suggestions for a gaming monitor 1440p with a preferred budget around £300 to £400 but with a max going up to £500 if I...
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    Hello everyone, 6 years ago I bought a pc from pc specialist (intel i7 4790 with gtx 970) which has held up very well. But now I am looking to finally upgrade. Unfortunately I don't have the greatest experience/knowledge on picking parts for a computer so I was wondering if there is any...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Deciding whether or not now is a good time to upgrade

    Almost 5 years ago now (October 2015) I purchased a computer (Stats posted below) for £980 which I have been so incredibly pleased with. Now 5 years later though, I am noticing it is starting to struggle running newer games and newer softwares. I am looking to upgrade in the coming few months if...
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    This is probably me just being paranoid. I received my new PC Specialist computer yesterday and have been testing it out on lots of things. But one thing I have noticed is that when the computer is under a lot of graphical load, the fan goes really fast. The noise of the fan doesn't bother me...
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    I know I asked this a couple of months ago, but I gave a very vague budget. Now I have the exact budget of what I am willing to spend. What would be the best build for a gaming pc with the budget of £1100? This price must include a monitor though. Thanks in advance
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    I'm looking to buy a gaming pc and my budget would be somewhere between £600-£800. But the thing is I have no idea what I should be getting. What would you recommend as a good gaming pc build under my budget and what sort of games would it be able to handle + at what settings/FPS. Thanks in Advance