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  1. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST AMD Epyc Rome 64C 128T - Intel gonna lose out big time!

    You gotta watch this. This is AMD's upcoming 64 Core 128 Thread server / workstation beast of a processor. This comes in about $3500 LESS than one of Intel's 32C 64T, and just take a look at the performance compared. This is it for Intel in the datacenter and workstation spaces which is a...
  2. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST French courts rule digital licenses must be sellable

    Big news here... I'm still in 2 minds about what it means. On one hand I can see how developers will miss out, publishers I think make a plenty, I'm not worried about them in any way, but developers should be taking a larger percentage of the sale from the off. It has always seemed unfair...
  3. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Square Enix demo of future Ray Tracing

    This is well worth a watch. I think Ray Tracing, although currently in it's infancy has so much potential. Here's another demo of what's possible. This is rendered in real time.
  4. SpyderTracks


    Just a tragic loss, really promising 22 year old driver dies yesterday in a horrific accident on lap 2. He was hit by another car side on after going into the barriers, didn’t stand a chance. Thoughts go out to his family and friends and colleagues. So sad.
  5. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Just transferred my ISP to Mobile Data 4g

    Just sharing my findings on this as I've been wanting to try it for years, but never got around to it. With the imminent roll out of 5G, I've been seriously considering my Broadband connection at home. We've been on BT for years, but getting absolutely ripped off in my mind as the max speeds...
  6. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Anyone rember Ren & Stimpy?

    Anyone? I've just found all 5 seasons PLUS a rare copy of a season they were commisioned to write in 2003 which I'm not sure if it actually made to air or not, but I've certainly never seen it.... it was called Adult Party and was very indecent and inappropriate and strictly R rated. I can't...
  7. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST User Benchmark totally manipulating already misleading results!!!

    Skip to 3.30 on this video, just another reason to avoid sites like They totally manipulate the findings, but this time they've really gone too far, it's just rediculous.
  8. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Interesting LTT video on picking up broken screens and fixing them

    This is worth a look. If you’re not set on paying top dollar for a really good monitor, pick up a broken one and fix it on the cheap... I would reiterate the near impossibility on finding parts for Samsung monitors, I’ve had a few in the past with blown backlights and impossible to find new...
  9. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut

    Well well well people, news flash...... I'm likely very late to the party as always, but this is the first I've heard of it. This will be especially noteworthy to all you laptop users out there struggling with high temps on the CPU. Thermal Grizzly have just released "Carbonaut" "thermal...
  10. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Anyone watching WWDC tonight?

    Anyone got some Apple equipment and going to be watching WWDC tonight? Should be interesting. Lot of rumours and a few confirmations. Starts at 6pm via the Apple website livestream:
  11. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Totally passive high end cpu cooler?

    Trust Noctua to come up with something like this... they do seem to be streets ahead of everyone else when it comes to fans, nice to see them branching out a bit. Please note, this is a prototype.
  12. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST If you wanted to know more about GSync and FreeSync

    Hi all Brilliant YouTube video here by Linus, the first public viewing of the GSync labs at nVidia, well worth a watch. Take note of the new “GSync Ultimate” certification at around 14 minutes in (right at the end) which applies to top notch HDR10 4k 144hz displays, wanna see some of those...
  13. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Zombie Load et al on Intel cpu’s.

    I’m sure you’ve all heard of another fatal flaw in intels chips since 2011. Basically, don’t bother reading any information from Intel, they are as usual releasing extremely biased and outright...
  14. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Windows 1903 available

    Hi all Windows 1903 is now available, if you can't get it through windows update, you can download the update from the usual MS website: I'm currently downloading on my laptop, will report with findings. This includes the windows...
  15. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST ZombieLoad vulnerability in Intel chips since 2011

    This needs some attention, would highly recommend everyone install the latest Windows patches, and if you can, find the dedicated Microcode updates from Intel.
  16. SpyderTracks


    Hiya all Now, Intel Optane has been a little bit of a niche product for most, whilst it definitely offers impressive performance improvements for HDD's, for me at least there's the the price issue (just waaay too expensive) versus gaining performance on a drive I only use for performance, so...
  17. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST PCS now accessible through Tapatalk app

    Hi all Just to let you know, the PCS forums have been made available on the Tapatalk forum app, it’s free on IOS and Android with a decently priced subscription model to remove advertising. It’s a great app, especially useful if you visit lots of forums as it pools all responses and updates...
  18. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Recall of single batch of Corsair H100i RGB Platinums

    Hi all Worth noting, Corsair have opened a recall on a single batch of their H100i RGB Platinums. It's only if the serial number matches this one. The symptom is that the fluid will leak into the sheathing and there's the possibility of leaking into your system. Even if there are no symtoms...
  19. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST So nearly my perfect screens!

    Check these babies out! Apart from being 60hz, this would be the holy grail for me! Here’s betting a high refresh version isn’t too far off...
  20. SpyderTracks

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Halo Master Chief on PC at long last!!!!

    Well well, the rumours have been milling for what... 15 years or so? But here we go, finally finally finally, the Master Chief Collection will be coming to PC via the Windows Store (no thank you!) and Steam!!! It will include the original games plus Halo: Reach. It will be 60fps and 4k...