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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Auzentech GMC R-4 Bulldozer Case

    well im hoping to obtain a new rig from you soon all going well. but came across this case a while back and have to say this would sell here for sure, looks to die for.. apart form the looks would it make a good gaming case in your...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST greetings from the uk

    hi all, new here, site looks great with plently to offer, hopefully ill be a valued customer soon. anyway name is mick, male 39 and from the uk. greets to every here :) Mick:)
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Possible purhase and some suggestions

    ok 1st of all hi, site and forums look great and some very nice kit you have to offer. anyway after tweeking here and there i have came up with this so would everything be good to go in the lines of gaming. general use and will all the components work well together. Case COOLERMASTER HAF 922...