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  1. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Internet Connectivity Issues

    Hi Folks! I'm having some weird internet connectivity issues here. I can connect to the wifi at home fine on several devices and download things, watch netflix/youtube etc. with no issues (no abnormal stuttering, slow playback, buffering etc.). However occasionally my phone (and Mrs360s...
  2. steaky360


    Hello everyone so figured I'd post a new thread with a few issues I've experience thus far since I received my new PC. Specs at the end of this thread. There are two seperate issues I've experienced, one of which is partially detailed across another threads and since I'm asking for advice...
  3. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST How to Post Your Specification to the Forum - Check this Spec

    When creating a forum post looking to discuss a PC spec there's a really simple way to post the spec in question here. IF YOU HAVEN'T ORDERED ONE YET AND ARE LOOKING FOR ADVICE ON A BUILD follow this step. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ORDERED AND ARE ASKED FOR SPECS follow the next post. Click the...
  4. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST RTX 3080 - Not able to display at 240 FPS

    Hey everyone. As noted in another post I'm super excited to have received my new PC. Been messing around with a few things since yesterday and installing some games and what not. I went ahead and attempted to change the display to 240Hz for the first time as the option was available however...
  5. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST New PC - Good, Bad and Power Cable fun :)

    Howdy folks, PC arrived yesterday (yay) - great stuff all round, much excitement etc. So first things first, here it is - the case is a beaut! Came in a rather large box, much bigger than the PC, but typically well packaged. Don't usually get this excited for packages to arrive but this was...
  6. steaky360


    Might be writing this and 'tempting fate' or whatever but as I start this I'm currently sitting waiting in the queue to PCS customer service. Been waiting for around 15 minutes so far (no biggie to me, I expected a longer wait if I'm honest) and am at position 2 in the queue. So total hold time...
  7. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Can't Right Click Programs on Taskbar SFF PC

    Hi folks having an issue with the PC I've got in my living room. About a week after a recent clean install of Windows I'm now unable to right click on any items on the task bar, another symptom is that the task bar itself will remain 'on top' even when I've got some media playing in full screen...
  8. steaky360


    Hello everyone! Not the most up to date with latest and greatest spec wise so figure its worth posting to get some advice. Quite an exciting time, first new PC I've bought for me in a while! Budget: ~£3000 Uses: Gaming mostly, general office-work type uses also. Lots of YouTube (super taxing I...
  9. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Laptop for Dad - Office Use / Web browsing

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had a good time over the festive season (and is continuing to have a good time!). My dad is after a new 14” laptop for office/web browsing. He is looking at the Lafite 14” laptop and has a budget of around £500-600 but would be willing to pay a little more if...
  10. steaky360


    Has everyone noticed the new PCS logo? It was only after seeing MoosEh's new profile image that I actually noticed (that's probably a bad thing to admit :)) Very modern!
  11. steaky360


    Hello all! Hopefully someone with more up to date knowledge of specs can give me a point in the right direction, I'm getting a little lost here and ending up going down the track of spending too much cash... which isn't really needed. I'm looking for a laptop for 'light gaming' use - mostly...
  12. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Factorio Certainly not a new game, was kickstarted (or indio gogo'd or something) back in 2013 I think. Sounds dull (some will think it is dull but its really not), Factorio is a game where you make and maintain factories. Essentially its a top down crafting...
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    Source: Didn't want to necro the previous thread: Shame it was posted to facebook before the...
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    Source: Wonder if this is legit? Article suggests it is... but I remain sceptical.
  15. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Drunken Monkey in the wild Just thought I'd leave this here... Is that you DM?
  16. steaky360


    I was quite interested in Microsoft's Illumiroom concept when I first saw the teasers and the reaserch videos (, it was a shame that it was essentially canned for...
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    I don't always brew beer, but when I do, it is watercooled!
  18. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Great British Beer Festival

    The Great British Beer Festival is on in London next week. Is anyone going? I for one can not wait!!!
  19. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Streaming Laptop and/or other device

    Howdy folks, I am currently contemplating replacing my old and slowly dying dell laptop. This is only used to watch stuff from my NAS drive (streaming/downloading from the NAS) and occasional light web surfing. It doesn't really get used for anything else, requires no program's to be...
  20. steaky360

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST 5 Step configurator

    PCS folk, Not sure if you know how many folk use this (or if any do) but I was looking around on the main PCS site this morning and noticed that the 5-step jargon free configurator may need a wee bit of polish. The default settings for an extreme...