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    Hi, hope somebody can point me in the right direction. what do you guys use for antivirus? i had bullguard for years, which was great until norton bought them. id previously had problems with them, so i didnt want to use theirs. most recently, i used bit defender which was ok. my subscription...
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    hi all. apologies for posting this here. i need some help advice, and wasnt sure where to post.... so has anyone else been having problems with youtube on pc or laptop? my default browser (opera) id been using an adblocker for years, but now youtube was telling me to turn it off. so i did...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST low space on my laptop.

    hi, im not tech minded, so be gentle with me please, lol. so as the title suggests, im low on space. i play a few versions of football manager, and a couple of fishing games. but other than that, im not a gamer. i googled how to put the games on a flash drive, and an old hard drive i had. they...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST laptop on a budget

    new lappy needed - budget £500 everyday use - used for internet browsing ( eg: youtube, netflix, and watching live football) must be able to run football manager too. any suggestions for a specific one, or specifications needed? cheers