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  1. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Windows 11 Install, best practice?

    OK, so i have managed to totally bork my audio drivers, don't ask me how but while uninstalling Corsair iCUE something has gone wayward and i now have no sound, updated drivers, everything showing OK but just no audio, playing the test tone just fails in all devices, audio troubleshooter just...
  2. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST Mesh WiFi, suggestions?

    Can anybody suggest a decent mesh WiFi system that doesn't cost the earth, i have a mixture of the plug in ones with repeaters etc. but managing them all is a bit of a pain, its only a 3 bedroom terrace (with pretty thick walls) so i'm thinking one downstairs and one upstairs should be enough to...
  3. RichLan564


    Morning all, what are we all using for NAS nowadays? Are Qnap and and Synology still the ones to go for, it think just a 2 bay with a couple of 4TB in RAID1 will suffice. Just need something for photo and file backup mainly alos serving media, something that can automatically push to Onedrive...
  4. RichLan564


    Has anybody else had an issue with the Capellix Pump LED's being intermittent, mine haven't been right since day one really, main issue was the top part wasn't fastened to the pump body securely, i fixed this which sorted them for a while, then they went nuts and were flashing all sorts of weird...
  5. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Mixer for Monitor Speakers?

    OK, who is the audio guy, is it @SpyderTracks I can't remember ? I am looking at getting a pair of studio monitors so i can use them for video editing, gaming etc. but also want to route my Line6 Pod Go Guitar modeller to them, can i just use something...
  6. RichLan564


    Never been happy with the way the cables ran over the top of the GPU so went with some braided ones bottom routed to sort it out, went for white in a black build, i think it looks OK? Can't for the life of me get the EPS ones in, will need to drop the Rad for that i think, that can wait...
  7. RichLan564


    Well this should make things a bit easier, Corsair have basically integrated an RGB hub in into a Commander Pro
  8. RichLan564


    Just looking down the line with my system and thinking about storage and working drives for video editing and was debating putting a PCIe M.2 adapter in there to give me another fast drive (the two M.2 slots on the motherboard are already populated) so i can move some stuff around to make...
  9. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Motherboard Power Connections Strix X570

    Just looking at the cabling in my case and noticed that the EATX12V_2 4 pin connector is jammed really tight at the top of the case and looks to be barely in (im not even sure it is looking at the angle its at) doing a bit of reading seems this connection is optional and is used when the CPU is...
  10. RichLan564


    Now I’m not a gamer but has anybody got any suggestions for a good old war based FPS without all the multiplayer nonsense sacrificing a good single player experience, tried Doom, it’s OK, just played COD Modern Warfare (4 I think?) again, the one with the AC130 which I love, tried a few free...
  11. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Corsair iCUE and case fans control

    OK, i might be being a bit thick here but how do i control the curve of the case fans in my case, in my 5000D case i have 4 x LL120's, all connected to the in built PWM controller and a lighting node pro (all installed by PCS), in iCUE i see the H150i fan control and temps, i see the RAM RGB, i...
  12. RichLan564


    Well here it is, still have another LL120 to go in the back but the cable routing on the original looks so tight to the motherboard it might be a pain to get out.
  13. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST Ultrawide Flat IPS

    Whilst I am waiting for my 3071Ti system to go into build I’m looking for a monitor, I’m was going to go with up to 2 normal 27” 1440p but now thinking about ultrawide as it will suit my space better, I don’t really want curved as it’s primary use will be video, photo editing and graphic design...
  14. RichLan564


    So looks like the CORSAIR iCUE 5000X RGB has drifted out of stock again, is the Obsidian 500D SE a worthy replacement, how do they compare to the Cooolermaster Masterboxes, which is the nearest equivalent?
  15. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Where has the Corsair 4000D Airflow gone ??

    There one day gone the next, does this usually happen ? Do they reappear at some point ? Do want to go for a Corsair build (Case, RAM, AIO, Fans) but don't want to go to the 5000D as its quite a chunk bigger!
  16. RichLan564


    Has anybody built an UNRAID server ? Not looking to build just yet but interested as a little project in my spare time more than anything, seems choice of motherboard and case is the most important thing to consider to give as many SATA ports and HDD bays as possible, any thoughts ?
  17. RichLan564

    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Davinci Resolve Editing System, with a bit of gaming.

    Hey folks, first post so go easy with me, looking at a system mainly for Davinci Resolve editing (will be mainly 1080p) with a bit of 4K and maybe a bit of gaming on the side, looking at the spec below, no idea when the 3070 will be in stock but seems to be best balance for performance vs cash...