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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST Help with new spec pls

    Hi guys this is goin to be my second pc from pcs. Last time I made the mistake of not asking you ppl. Could you pls build me a gaming rig have 1500 to spend don't need anything just tower. Don't really do much else with pc apart from game and watch a few movies so again if u could help would be...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST case on gpu broke

    i know i should ring pcs but work all day and when get back cba lol. right i took my gtx 460 out the other day 2 clean comp and then when i put it back in the case that holds the fan broke so easy i couldn't belive it .fixed it with some tie wraps and it works fine. Just wondered if this came...
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    Hi guys got a new 60gb ssd the other day. Installed it then os (win 7) just wondering what are the essential programs I need to put on it .Do I need anti virus on there and how do I get all my icons back onto the main screen or can't I ? do I have 2 go into the other drive all the time to load...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST help with network adapter

    hi guys i am having trouble with isatap adapters they have error.The little yellow triangle with ! mark next 2 them try and update drivers and all it says is error (code10) can still get online and it doesn't seem 2 be messing anything up should i just forget about it ?
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST can havin dual monitors reduce proformance

    basicly my computer is not running very gr8 if i am playin music and try 2 go online or do 2 things the music goes all distorted ? . but when i got my new comp about 6 weeks ago now i just transferd everything from my old comp which was runnin vista 2 this win 7 64 could that have anything 2 do...
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    PCSPECIALIST, PCSPECIALIST don't know much pls help with a few things

    :D hi ok i got my new comp and it's gr8 just a few thing 1: if i use the settings that are already set up on my turbo v will it do any damage 2 my comp?????? 2:internet explorer keeps comin up not responding and then re starts any ideas why or what i can do 2 stop this ? 3:i have never seen...
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    :) thx to these guys Built By James Nisbet Tested By Garnet Heller QC'd By Adnaan Marban Packed By James Nisbet for making my computer will be here monday can't wait the only problem is i have 2 work 2-10 monday so could be a late night when i get back or i may well be sick lol thx...
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    hi don't know if any 1 can help me my order has been stuck in processing for 8days i did change a few things is this why it is takin so long i do understand u are busy ;) cheers ps i changed the items 8 days ago before it even went 2 processing.thx