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    PCSPECIALIST Onboard Audio Issue

    Hi, thanks. I'll give it a go! I am using an ASUS TUF GAMING B760 PLUS motherboard. It seems pretty annoying having to do things, whereas with Creative, all you did was have to install a driver.
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    PCSPECIALIST Onboard Audio Issue

    I've just received my new computer, and to save cost, I opted for the Realtek onboard audio over a Creative Soundcard. The issue being, is that music and sound come out of the rear and central speakers when I test them, and the same as when I run the Valley Benchmark, but never when I listen to...
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU Cooler for a 13700

    Thanks. I'll have a look.
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU Cooler for a 13700

    I was looking for some advice from people (especially those with a 13700 or higher processor). I was thinking of upgrading my pc soon to a new one, and going for a 13700 CPU. However, I’ve read mixed views on the cooling (as that processor can get really hot). I am on a budget, and I was...
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    PCSPECIALIST Creative Soundcard or Onboard Audio?

    I am considering upgrading/buying a new computer soon, and was just wondering if it was worth buying an Audigy Rx, or save money and just use the onboard high-def? I mean, in this day and age, would there virtually be no difference on performance and sound, when it came to gaming and listening...
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    PCSPECIALIST Two Questions?

    1. Whenever I format a DVD in my drive, upon restart of my computer, if the disc is still in the drive, it always states 'formatting the rest of your disc'...Why?? Never understood it. Even though it's already formatted it prior. Upon restart, it's clearly doing something, as the lights on, on...
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    PCSPECIALIST Help With Logitech Keyboard?

    Might sound a bit random. But I basically (stupidly) washed my Logitech keyboard under a tap to clean it, and it worked fine to begin with, but now the keyboard either automatically types stuff in, or nothing works. I've taken it apart to dry it, and it seems all dry now. But inside, you get...
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    PCSPECIALIST Low Memory On Windows 10??

    Of late, I'm basically having problems with my Internet Explorer freezing and crashing, and sometimes it says my computer is running low on memory? Then, if I try playing a game, it basically takes ages to load, and it's all slow and stuttering and unplayable. Could this be some hardware...
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    PCSPECIALIST Who Else Is Upgrading To Windows 10?

    Is it worth it? I'm on 8.1, and one thing I'm concerned with is compatibility issues with games. I'm not sure if you can even revert back to 8.1 after installing 10, neither? Wonder what other people think. It's like 'If it's not broke, why fix it'.
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    PCSPECIALIST Is My Monitor Dying?

    Okay, I've had my monitor for almost 5 years now, and it's been working absolutely fine. However, the past few days or so, particularly from a cold/new boot, if the pc has been off for awhile, it doesn't come on. My computer boots up fine, but there is no signal. It just has a signal sign...
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    PCSPECIALIST Videos Poor Quality When Full Screen Via Windows Media Player?

    Whenever I play videos (Avi etc) via WMP, they seem pretty much fine. But as soon as I go full screen it looks really poor. It's all blurry and has jagged edges on things. No idea why. Not that bothered as I use VLC, but just curious? The thing is, is that VLC Player is fine when at full screen!
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    PCSPECIALIST 4790k Question?

    Probably a bit of a stupid question. But I have a new 4790k CPU which is four cores. But just wondering why under the device manager and the 'processors' tab, it is showing 8 CPUs rather than four? Thought for a second I did have 8 cores! :p
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    PCSPECIALIST HDMI/GTX 970 - Poor Colours/Contrast??

    Recently have a new rig, and with it a GTX 970 card. The thing is, I am having issues with my desktop contrast. The black looks too bright (background for example) and the white (like the background of Internet Explorer) is too pale like looking. I've only had AMD cards, apart from years ago...
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    PCSPECIALIST Overclocking AMD 965 (Black Edition) With TurboV...

    I'm thinking of overclocking the cpu, and wondering how much faster it would be if I did? Although not sure how fast and stable it can go? TurboV has the race car, jet plane and rocket settings. But I can go even higher. Anyone know more about it and have they done the same with the same cpu...
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    PCSPECIALIST Unlock 4th Core?

    I have a 5 year old computer, and one thing I've never really understood is you can unlock a 4th core. It already has four cores (AMD 965 I think), so what does it actually mean? Something like the 4th core is activated all the time as opposed to only when needed or something?
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    PCSPECIALIST Need To Access Hard Drive From Dead PC

    I'm returning my pc for repair to PC Specialist as my computer won't start up. There's a couple of files I wouldn't mind getting off my hard drive, but not sure which would be the best device to use?? I have an external kit already, but it doesn't work with my hard disk as it's a newer model...
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    PCSPECIALIST Zalman Z11 Front Fan Not Working, But LEDS Do??

    Had my new computer almost 2 months now, and always assumed the front fan was working as the LED lights were on, but looked yesterday, and the fan isn't running at all. The other blue LED fan on top works fine, but why isn't the front one working? Surely if the blue lights were on, the fan...
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    PCSPECIALIST Windows Defender Question?

    Don't think it's anything major, but why is it, when I do a full scan via Windows Defender, it gets to around a quarter done, then automatically, restarts and somehow changes to 'quick' scan?! Maybe it's always done it, but I've never been aware of it before! Why would it change from full scan...
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    PCSPECIALIST Prime95, Have I Got Two Bad Core CPUs??

    Call me paranoid, lol. But I've been doing some tests with my new computer, to check for errors etc. And I heard about Prime95. I've been doing some checks with it, and I am worried I have 2 bad Cores/CPUs. I have an 8 core processor, but according to Prime95, CPU 2 & 3 have errors. Baring in...
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    PCSPECIALIST Any Help/Advice?

    I have a slight concern with my new computer. Basically, I've been playing a couple of games, and there's been a few times the game has frozen my computer and I need to reset. But a couple of times it has done it in a game, and it freezes completely, with a constant 'ringing' sound coming from...