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    Hi all. Anyone else here experienced with ICU LINK? My system runs fine and is almost silent, but the fans ramp up when the cpu warms up. Just for a few seconds then slow down again. In the icue software all fans are set to balanced and the pump on silent.
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    PCSPECIALIST Does adding more icue link fans void the warranty?

    Does adding more icue link fans and the lcd upgrade void the warranty? Very simple install. I know there are various posts about upgrades etc. just looking for some clarity. Thanks
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    PCSPECIALIST Corsair mATX case USB Ports not working

    Hi Tony, my system has arrived, all extra fans installed and running fine. Do all 4 of your front usb ports work? The two furthest back on mine don’t
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    PCSPECIALIST Monitor advice for 4080 super please

    Hi guys, I was planning on buying one of the new 32inch 4k OLED’s if they ever release in the UK but I see a lot of chatter on here about ultra and super wides. What are my options? The PC is 95% gaming, 5% general use.
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU GPU combo advice please

    Hi all. I’m planning a build in the very near future. X670 motherboard. 7800x3d with 32gb 6000 ram but my dilemma is whether to get a 4070ti super or 4080 super. 1440p and hopefully venturing into 4k. I play a bit of warzone, Helldivers and various mmo’s and arpgs. Should I get the 4080 super...