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    Hi all, After my recent purchase PCS sent me a USB storage device which I use regularly. However this morning it is telling me I need to format it. WHen I do it seems to fail. Any ideas on what I may have inadvertently done to it?
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    Hi all, I've got an I7-3770K CPU and at the moment it is running at stock speed of 3.5ghz. This CPU has a turbo up to 3.9ghz, do I need to enable the CPU Level UP in the BIOS in order to utilise this, at the moment it is disabled. Cheers Dene
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    Hi all, I've got te I7-3770K CPU and was wondering, how to tell if the Turbo Boost is active? Standard clock is 3.5 but Turbo goes to 3.9. Cheers Dene
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    Hi, My rig is currently on the 3rd working day and I was wondering whether or not to swap my 1st HDD from a 500gb Velociraptor to a 120/240gb SSD? This drive will only hold the OS and standard programs while games will go on my 1TB Velociraptor 2nd HDD. Comments appreciated. Cheers Dene
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC being built

    Hi all, Ordered yesterday and now just watching the status each day :-( Just a quickie... will the OS be installed to my HDD number 1 or is it installed to the largest? I have order a 500GB VRAP as HDD #1 and a 1TB VRAP for HDD #2 which I want to use solely for a specific program. Cheers Dene
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    Hi all, I'm ordering my PC today and was wondering what Processor Cooling to go for. i7-320 CPU Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard 16gb kingston RAM 2gb NVidia GTX680 500gb velociraptor HDD 1tb velociraptor HDD 1200w PSU Should I go for the Titan Fenrir Pro or the Intel Certified Liquid CPU...
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    PCSPECIALIST Pre built OC'd PC

    Hi all, Would a pre built Overclocked PC from PCS be as unstable as what I've read about other OC'd machines where users have done the OC themselves? Cheers Dene
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    PCSPECIALIST After a lot of research...

    I'm finally going to go for this as my ultimate rig just for Flight Simulator X. As always comments are welcome before I final make that call and place the order. First HDD is for OS etc, the 2ND HDD is just for FSX. Cheers Dene Case COOLERMASTER COSMOS 2 ULTRA TOWER Overclocked CPU...
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    Hi all, I'm just planning my new desktop and had a question on SSDs. Do I need an SSD instead of a HDD or can I have both? I'm designing a PC specifically for Flight Simulator and want to optimise performance. What is required and what would give me best results? Cheers Dene
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC for Flight Simulator [FSX]

    Hi all, Please comment on the below for a PC just for flight simming: NZXT PHANTOM 410 BLACK GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-3770 (3.4GHz) 8MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z77: USB 3.0, SATA 6.0GB/s, THERMAL ARMOR Memory (RAM) 16GB SAMSUNG...
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    Hi all, The past couple of days I've logged on and I've had tp reset my date / time because it keeps resetting to 00:00 1/1/2000. Any ideas?
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    PCSPECIALIST Extremely Satisfied Customer...

    Hi all, I just wanted to share my experiences of using PCS. I first bought a custom built PC from here in 2005 specifically to run Microsoft Flight Simulator, I know about PCs but not specifically what is required to run Flight Sim to a high level. My first PC was good and I was pleased but as...
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    PCSPECIALIST Swap graphics card?

    Hi all, My new[ish] rig from PCS [3 mths old], runs Flight Simulator [9 & X] ridiculously good. However, in FS9 the anti-aliasing does not work and I'm told this is due to my graphics cards, 1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX460, in my current rig can I simply replace this with a 1GB ATI Radeon HD5770? My...
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    PCSPECIALIST Anti-Aliasing in windows 7 with NVIDIA GTX460

    Hi all, I'm running Flight Simulator 9 on my new PCS rig and while the frame rates etc are excellent I'm having problems with AA settings. Many of the edges on objects seem jagged, I've got the AA switched on in the game and also changed some settings in the NVIDIA control panel but still no...
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    Hi, Had my PC just over a week now and so far so good. Just had a look in the COMPUTER section and with my Local Disk [C:] & DVD drive, I notice I now have a drive there listed as Local Disk [Q:], which I don't remember seeing there before. Should this be there and if not any ideas how it...
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC has arrived...

    Hi all, Probably a silly question, but gonna ask anyway. I got my new PC on Monday and all is great. I was just wondering, do I need to install any drivers for the Graphics Card etc from the disks I recieved or is all done? Cheers Dene
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    PCSPECIALIST Finally arrived...

    After waiting 5 weeks [don't panic if your waiting on yours, I asked PCS to hold off shipping for two weeks while I went on holiday], but today my new rig arrived. Designed specifically with Microsoft Flight Simulator X in mind I have to say that I am blown away by the quality, without even...
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    Hi all, My new PC is in pre-production and while I still have a chance to change with no extra cost I have a question about memory. My PC will be for gaming, one game in particular [Flight Sim X], I don't plan to overclock and I've ordered: 8GB SAMSUNG DDR3 DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (4 X 2GB) Would...
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    PCSPECIALIST System specifically for Flight Simulator X

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a new rig to run Microsoft Flight Sim X which I know from experience is a heavily CPU dependant software, here are two rigs I'm considering: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.20 GHZ CPU M4A89TD Motherboard 8 GB RAM 1 GB ATI RADEON HD 5750 500 GB HDD 450 W PSU Titan Fenrir...