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  1. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Installing an SSD as the boot drive

    Hi guys, It's that time of year where I realise my PC is lacking something, this time it's an SSD :D I want to have my SSD as the boot drive, I also don't want to mess around with my existing HDD, reformatting and removing Windows from that as there's loads of important programs on there which...
  2. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Graphics card crash

    Hi guys, Over the last few months my PC has been doing this more and more frequently. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Specs for PC are below.
  3. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST CPU Temperature running a bit high

    Hi all, About 6 months ago I bought an i7 930 and stuck a new Corsair H50 watercooler on it. When new the idle temperatures were running around the 20 - 25C region and I was able to OC the CPU to 3.8GHz quite comfortably with the temperatures never going much above 70C. Now however, (back on...
  4. Timbercottage


    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to sli a 1GB and 768MB versions of the GTX 460 card? Cheers, Timber.
  5. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST I don't like blowing my own trumpet but...

    Hi everyone! You or may not know that I'm currently at the University of Lincoln (which despite what you may have heard on the Inbetweeners is a fine establishment) studying Games Computing. I'm here because I need your help and feedback :) This is an early version of my first project, built...
  6. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Bios not recognising all of my RAM

    Hi guys, Something odd is happening and I'm hoping you'll be able to give me your advice. I've recently installed 6GB (3x2GB) of Corsair XMS3 memory in my system. When loading the bios setup, it says that my total RAM installed is only 4096MB. I've tried booting the PC using only one stick at...
  7. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Star Wars: The Old Republic

    So, simple question: anyone else impossibly excited by this?
  8. Timbercottage


    Can't believe a thread hasn't been made for Android phones yet :p Anyone else own an Android based handset? What do you think? I have the HTC Desire, absolutely love it and very glad I waited a little to get it, was considering the Nexus One, but the Desire blows it out of the water. Currently...
  9. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST A bit late

    Hey everyone! I've been on here for a while now so I suppose I'm a bit late at introducing myself :rolleyes: A little about me - I'm currently unemployed, only recently though! I was working at a Cambridge based games company who produce a popular free-to-play browser based MMO. I left that...
  10. Timbercottage


    Hey everyone, I've just finished installing my PC into my new Xigmatek Utgard case, it booted up fine first, I did some software updates, restarted and now nothing :( I've tried resetting the BIOS (removing the battery) and removing each component one by one to see if I could find which one...
  11. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST CPU fan error

    Hi everyone, I just received my new i7 930 and P6X58D-E Motherboard \o/ Unfortunately, my current CPU cooling fan doesn't fit so I'm currently using the stock fan that came in the box until my Corsair H50 arrives, again - \o/ Whenever I boot up my PC I get a CPU fan error, is this something...
  12. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Forum Marketplace?

    Hi guys, Would you ever consider putting a market place on the forums where we could trade second hand components? I have a bucket load of stuff I want to shift, and this seems like a good place to sell bits to people who seem to be fairly reliable! I've had bad experiences on sites such as...
  13. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Watercooling

    Simple question - Is it worth it? I recently got a new rig and am looking at overclocking the i7 930 I got to around 4GHz, obviously I need some pretty extreme cooling to keep the temperatures in check. I was looking at either the Corsair H50 watercooler or the Corsair A70. The H50 is around...
  14. Timbercottage

    PCSPECIALIST Thinking of an upgrade

    Hi everyone, I'm off to university in September and thought I'd treat myself to one last big spend whilst I still have the money. I've put together this set up and wondered what your thoughts were, and if it's worth upgrading from what I currently have. I have a budget of around £1000 and...