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  1. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST GTX 680 Availability!!!!!

    Just wanted to let everybody know that we have reiceved good allocation this week for GTX 680 2GB, and there are now no delays to any order due to this card. GTX 690 and 4GB GTX 680 are still seriously tight.
  2. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST New nVidia Drivers 301.42 WHQL Drivers Add Major Gaming Features

    Hi all FYI, new WHQL certified drivers have now been released. GeForce R300 drivers are now WHQL-certified and available for download on
  3. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST AMD Llano Platform now available

    We have just launched our new AMD Llano range of APU based systems. Check out the landing page here And give your feedback on what AMD hope to be a real competitor to Intel Sandy Bridge.
  4. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST Intel Smart Response Cache drive now available on Z68 platforms

    Intel® Smart Response Technology is an Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST) caching feature that improves computer system performance. It allows a user to configure computer systems with an SSD used as cache memory between the hard disk drive and system memory. This provides the advantage of...
  5. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST NEW Core i3 & Xeon Sandy Bridge Launched Today

    Today has seen the launch of the latest processors from the Sandy Bridge Platform. The dual core processors i3-2100 and i3-2120 will see the price point for sandy bridge systems significantly lowered allowing those with smaller budgets access to the platfom...
  6. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST HAF 912 plus - A new baby member of the High Air Flow family coming soon

    Cooler Master adds another new member to the HAF series, the HAF 912 Plus. To carry the mission of providing the best thermal solutions, HAF 912 Plus supports two 120 mm for external radiator and high-end CPU coolers. Furthermore, the spacious interior accommodates two 200mm fans and two-- 120mm...
  7. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST HAF-X Landing next week.

    By popular demand, and the fact that more stock is landing in the UK next week, we will be adding the Flagship Coolermaster HAF-X Case. Have a look and tell us what you think.
  8. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST New INTEL i7-970 Six core released on Sunday 18th July 2010

    OK, any intial thoughts on this release. I beleive we have tested one already so Meds might want to tell us how its done. It will be available to spec on LG1366 platforms from tomorrow.,news-33822.html
  9. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST nVidia GTX 460 released on Monday

    The latest GPU from the nVidia Fermi stable is released on Monday. It looks like it sits somewhere between the vary succesfull HD 5770 and the HD 5830 and will be roughly £140. Any views from the ATI and nVidia camps.
  10. Maestro

    PCSPECIALIST Corsair 600t graphite series case ***new** coming soon

    Hi All, The Corsair 600T case is due out in August 2010 and will be available to spec on our site. Check out the case here let us know your thoughts on this and any other cases.