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  1. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Fancy a free PC, anyone?

    PC Specialist are having a giveaway!
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    PCSPECIALIST Linux security issue

    I don't even fully understand this myself and am not a Linux user, but it came up in a Reddit thread I usually follow and I hadn't seen it mentioned here. Apologies if this post is in the wrong place, or linking to Reddit isn't appropriate, I liked the way this user set out the info and thought...
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    PCSPECIALIST The Christmas 2023 and New Year thread

    Happy new year, everyone, best wishes for your health and happiness in 2024.
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    PCSPECIALIST Champagne and Churchill

    I love that the big bottle sizes are all named after biblical kings who had to have their lifespans massively inflated to make the Bible's chronology make sense. The long lived kings = the large bottles I remember being so let down when I found that Magnum was the exception to this rule (poor...
  5. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST gigabyte potential security vulnerability

    So, if the vulnerability is in Gigabyte's access to remote-update the Bios, do I need to worry about updating the Bios or will the security fixes be applied automatically?
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    PCSPECIALIST Powerstar

    China is taking over the world with, ahem, 'brand new' CPUs:
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    Worst game ever made was 'ride to hell: retribution', a friend of mine helped develop it and grew oddly proud of how utterly bad it was. I bought a copy to try and it is every bit as bad as he said.
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    Steam spring sale just kicked off: lot of familiar titles, not spotted any massive bargains yet.
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    PCSPECIALIST Can I upgrade my graphics card?

    You don't have to take take it down the canal, with a sack and some bricks. It can still sit on the rug by the fire and fetch your slippers, or keep an elderly relative company. That said, it wouldn't be a bad time to look at planning your next steps, whether that means reading up on new options...
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    PCSPECIALIST Unpopular Opinions.

    Everyone should pay more tax. Twitter users are narcissists. Specing a PC to last ages is just wrong. We all know we would rather buy a shiny new one every few years instead of upgrading bits.
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    PCSPECIALIST Merry Christmas & Happy New Year All

    Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you all are warm and well.
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    PCSPECIALIST Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Just tried it - VERY easy, thanks for the tip!
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    PCSPECIALIST Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Just because I couldn't see it mentioned on the forum (hard to miss on the website, but you never know), worth pointing out that the code BFD22 gets you £25 off your build until the 28th. Also, a reminder for anyone snapping up Amazon bargains: is a handy Amazon price...
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    PCSPECIALIST Difference between Intel i9 24-Core i9-13900KF vs Intel i9 24-Core i9-13900K? + RAM Question :)

    I find these power levels insane, not sure anyone predicted how fast it would rise. My PC is only four years old and at the time the configurator would have let me get away with a 550W PSU. Ousebon, Spyder and the rest made me up it to a 750 minimum and suggested an 850 for headroom. I went for...
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    Now I see why GPU support brackets are a thing.
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    That is HUGE
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    PCSPECIALIST VR Build PC Recommendations

    The Quest 2 isn't very demanding, after all - it is designed to be used without a PC. The main limitation is the space for memory, which severely limits how many apps you can have installed at once. To use Oculus Link, Meta recommends you have a PC with an Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or...
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    PCSPECIALIST 3D model, Holy Trinity Church & ancient trading post Cookham

    That's incredibly impressive - the rendering isn't far off the initial Google Earth models in terms of sophistication. Was it a particularly fancy camera or just Go-Pro level? I saw some early photogrammetry generated VR stuff and thought it would be two or three times as long before an amateur...
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    That's not the point. Newer, better, shinier! Sadly, it works perfectly (maybe excepting ICUE which is a pain in the RGB) currently but how can I sleep well knowing there are better options? If I need to start streaming massive poly Blender projects while simultaneously playing TWW3 and...
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    I'm on a 2700x and a 2080ti, I'm torn between jumping to a 5800x3D or waiting it out for the new crop (or, as I probably should, just sitting on it for a while - it still works, damn it)