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  1. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop advice needed

    Ok got a friend who is thinking of buying a laptop with the following specs but i think we might be able to sort him out something better for around £600 preferably on the £500 pound side ;D : Intel® Core™ i3-2330M processor Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit Memory: 6GB Hard drive: 500GB 5400rpm...
  2. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Overgrowth

    Looks pretty darn good! Still in alpha btw.... Warning : 3D Blood graphics and violence Warning : 3D Blood graphics and violence Looks really polished and there...
  3. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST ....... Sweeeet

    Just... . . . . . wow! And just for you Teaz ;) (Oops may have spelt that wrong :O ) Play em both and mute the bottom vid :P
  4. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Useful websites

    There is already a thread for Random websites, But now let me present you with the ultimate thread for sharing and finding useful websites to do with computing. Award Winning desktop PC & Notebook manufacturer Benchmarking and Hardware Analysis CPUs...
  5. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Overkill or what?!!?!
  6. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Master Plan PCS ALBUM!!!!!!!

    To all the musical people here We should so collaborate on an album in honour of this forum could be epic More thoughts here as they come to me...........
  7. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Wagwan Easy Kru

    hahahaaaaaaa anyone seen this Hilarious!!! I wish we had stuff like this when we were kids
  8. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST rep colours

    normally for a +rep the colour is green. yes? what do the other colours mean or what other colours are there i seem to have gotten a grey from someone who hasnt even made any posts?!!?
  9. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST How much hatred would i get for mentioning JB???

    All in the title people!!!
  10. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Bright Spark?!!

    So what does this rank signify or is it just due to the amount of posts ive done or rep ive earnt Eitherways :)
  11. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST I would like your knowledge

    I was wondering about the speeds of a certain proccesor i7-740QM which is clocked at 1.73GHz and was wondering if that speed would be scaled if only two of the four cores were in use????
  12. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Dubstep Fans??

    Who on here is a fan of dubstep. And before you start being critical I dont just mean all that wobble stuff, theres alot more to dubstep than that. Take the below to show the variety.
  13. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Microsoft Security Essentials

    Is it any good???? Asking here because tbh this forums advice i trust more than any dodgy article you find on the net... so....... Oh and as you can probably guess, I ask this as my Bullguard AV Trial has run out today and I dont wish to buy it P.S how are the regulars cos i havent been around...
  14. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Arrival!!!

    Hi, I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Everything is Jus Perfec! My Spec : i5 760 @ 2.80Ghz Quad Core 4GB 1333Mhz Samsung RAM Asus P7P55D-E Pro SLI 1TB 64MB cache WD10EARS NVIDIA GTS 450 1GB Corsair TX650W Cooler Master CM 690 MKII Advanced BenQ G2220 Full HD monitor (Mine)...
  15. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Monitor res mistake

    err not sure if its worth starting a new thread for this but if you look at the 22" TFT screen on the drop down list it says 1920x1080 but in the description it says 1680x1050 this might cause a bit of annoyance to someone thinking they've ordered a full hd screen when it isn't
  16. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST openArtist linux ubuntu distrib

    Hi I've been considering dual booting my new computer, when it arrives (pre-production atm), and have been looking at a linux based studio os. Pesonally I don't have any expeience with linuxbut have been wanting to give it a try. Can anyone recommend any distribs or give some advice on the ones...
  17. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Underclocking

    Right, now this might sound like a truly stupid question but say if i was to decrease the clock of a cpu would it last longer??? Would it work??
  18. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST Any Blender 3d users??

    It's all in the title, would post up some of my work but i'm inbetween computers. when i get my new computer from PCS up and running (haven't ordered yet) i'll post something up. just interested to see if there are any fellow blenderheads here at pcs.:p *by the way anyone interested in 3d...
  19. Nemesis

    PCSPECIALIST computer spec check

    Hi, this is my config for a computer that I am going to use for gaming (not the latest titles), photo editing and 3d at a hobby level. My budget is under £800. I have a mouse and screen. Just wondering apart from SLI what the differences are between the mobo i selected and the PRO version. Also...