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  1. ArnPiz

    PCSPECIALIST Ionico 16" 6-month impressions and experience with noise and temperature control

    Hello all, I’ve had the 16” ionico for six months now and I’d like to give an update on how it is performing as well as some notes of keeping temps under control. Chassis. The casing is holding up very well and still feels as strong as the day it was purchased, the hinges are still...
  2. ArnPiz

    PCSPECIALIST Ionico 16" Memory upgrade information

    Hello all, For those with the 16” Ionico; I have just upgraded the memory in mine with 2x16GB DDR5 5600MHz sticks (they were going cheap on amazon) and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the ionico motherboard clocks them at 5200MHz which is a small bump from the 4800MHz stock parts...
  3. ArnPiz

    PCSPECIALIST Review of 16" RTX 40-Series IONICO Laptop

    Full disclosure statement: This is a solicited review; PCSpecialist invites reviews from new purchasers on the basis that the reviewer receives an additional 3months warranty, that said, they make it clear that they don’t care if the reviews are favourable or unfavourable. This is an updated...
  4. ArnPiz


    I'll drop a hands-on review of this when it arrives in a few days. If anyone has any questions about this machine or any tests they'd like me to do, let me know here. Arn *********************************************************************************************************** Chassis &...