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  1. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Loads interested in PCS on Twitch.

    So basically I was on Twitch and I saw people asking about computers and computer parts. So I started to explain my experience with the rest of some of the viewers in a popular streamers channel and I got like six whispers all asking what company I was talking about and howmuch computers are on...
  2. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Just a few questions for PCS/PCS Customers.

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I was hoping to get an insight into how PCS OC works. 1: Do PCS manually overclock the CPU through the mobo or do they use software like AI Suite from Asus? I like AI Suite the OC only kicks in when it's needed :D. 2...
  3. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Corsair 780T

    Does the Corsair 780T come in the black version to or is white one the only option @PCS.
  4. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST 1440p Need help :)

    Hey guys, as the title says I need help with 1440p :D . I have been looking at 1440p monitors on PCS and when I check reviews on youtube allot of them have good and bad reviews. Allot seem to require some setting adjustments and allot seem to suffer from bleeding screen. Can anyone recommend a...
  5. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Torn between 6700k and the 5930k

    Hi!, I was hoping for some advice guys/girls. I have been looking at every single item going into the build reviews and price etc. I've tried to pick the pro's and cons between the two CPU's. My issue is I enjoy gaming and doing every day general stuff but I also plan on using the new system for...
  6. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST More GPU information & options would be great.

    Hi, would be great to see an option for GPU's that shows brand and if it's stock or company overclocked. I think the prices are great etc but that fact that you don't know what your getting is a little annoying and the fact PCS can stick in what ever they like bugs me. A little more...
  7. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Hi guys! advise welcome I know allot of you have beasts of PC's.

    Hi!, was hoping to get some advice on this build. I plan on using the PC for computer gaming, programming, 3D & 2D design work and abit of editing. Possibly a little bit of Diablo streaming to for fun. I want to use two screens and have my game settings on ultra is that possible with this setup...
  8. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST PCS plan to stock SABERTOOTH X99 in the future anytime soon?

    I'm a big fan of this series of motherboard and would love to order a pc with the Sabertooth board you guys did previously hope to see you stock Sabertooth again.
  9. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Time for a new PC :) advise is welcome.

    Hi guys, I'm planning on purchasing my second PC from PCS my current one is still fine but I wanna upgrade to a more powerful one. I plan on using this computer for a range of different jobs. I will be using it for Gaming, Video editing, streaming, rendering, map building, animation etc. I'm...
  10. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Silly question but yeah help please :).

    How big is Windwos 7 operating system including updates? I dunno if 80gb SSD would be sufficent cause I would wana put WoW on the 80gb SSD as well as the OS.
  11. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Steelseries?

    Hey I noticed you guys have lots of different headphones/keybourds and mouses but is it possible to order steel serious mouse/keybourd etc over the phone on request? I really like some of there products since they are aimed at gamers world of warcraft/starcraft etc:p.
  12. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST PC capable of playing most games on top settings without going over the top on budget

    Hey, basically I want a rig for gaming and doing sociel stuff on facebook, msn etc. But I keep gonig far over budget for what I want the PC for and I want a PC capable of playing Call of duty black ops and other good games on high settings without haveing to worry about FPS. AMD processors are...
  13. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Ording next week opinions please

    Hey I been playing with lots of different spec's for a while now and finally found a rig I like and very future proof. Concerning the Rig i will be adding an extra 6g Ram in the future. I have chosen the 600gb Raptor drive becuase it's fast and has a high capacity and duel raid 1 cavier green's...
  14. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Hardrive options adise please :)?

    Hey, I have been really concerned with hardrives because I plan on purchasing a Gaming PC but I don't know what to go for there is Solid state and general hardrives. I know that solid state hardrives are very quick at loading operating systems and applications but since I'm buying a PC for...
  15. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Item prices?

    Hi, I have been looking at different configurations of computers I'd prefer to buy here but there is one tiny problem. I noticed only a certain ammount of items actually show howmuch they cost and without seeing the prices since there are so many different prices of each individual item and some...
  16. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Date recovery option?

    Ok I have been using an Acer PC for a little while and I have never ever had to reformat my PC at all becuase Acer comes with an option where you can restart the PC and you can dump all old files and go back to factory defaul(LOVE IT) does PCS have a simular option;)?
  17. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Thermaltake's Bulletproof Armour Series A60/190

    Hey just saw this case in Computer Shopper magazine I thought at first glance it was a really nice case! can PCS stock them or? anyway here is some info on the link below;).
  18. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Best cooling game choice?

    Ok I'm after a new case that has a good sufficent cooling not fussed about nouse. I really dunno which one would be best originally I was gunna go for the The Corsair Graphite Series� 600T but after reading a couple of reviews it's cooling isent very good.
  19. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Motherboards that support 2-3 Graphics cards and Sound card.

    Ok I have seen only 3 Motherboards the ASUS® P6X58D-E: and the premium version but when I tried to configure 2 graphics cards and a soundcard there wasent enough room.. The only choice is the Rampage board which I don't think I really need? since it's more of an overclocking board which I...
  20. Tysuro

    PCSPECIALIST Requesting specific OC's possible?

    Ok since I know next to nothing about OCing a computer but I'd really like to get the very best out of my PC as possible. Would it be possible to request a higher OC then usual cause I noticed with the i7 950 you overclock it to 3.8Ghz is that becuase it's the safest it can run at or?, anyway I...