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  1. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Fancy a free PC, anyone?

    PC Specialist are having a giveaway!
  2. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Linux security issue

    I don't even fully understand this myself and am not a Linux user, but it came up in a Reddit thread I usually follow and I hadn't seen it mentioned here. Apologies if this post is in the wrong place, or linking to Reddit isn't appropriate, I liked the way this user set out the info and thought...
  3. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Powerstar

    China is taking over the world with, ahem, 'brand new' CPUs:
  4. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Just because I couldn't see it mentioned on the forum (hard to miss on the website, but you never know), worth pointing out that the code BFD22 gets you £25 off your build until the 28th. Also, a reminder for anyone snapping up Amazon bargains: is a handy Amazon price...
  5. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Under-performing

    So... I know this might seem like heresy to some but with the hot weather I'm trying to limit my PC's performance to generate less heat. Partly because I have this week off so doing a lot of gaming and its hot enough already, partly because I'm trying to keep the fan noise down (don't want to be...
  6. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST PCSpecialist subreddit

    Hi All, I found a PC Specialist subreddit - not large, less than a thousand members. Link I was curious if this was run in tandem with the forum, or if any forum mods posted there or had started it. It states clearly that it is not a channel for support but uses the PCS logo etc.
  7. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Steam deck

    Mine has finally arrived and I'm starting to explore how much of my Steam library is compatible. I'll hold off on posting pics/vids yet until I get some steer from a mod - it is technically a none-PCS PC, even if handhelds are not really in competition with anything PCS sells. I got the 512GB...
  8. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop help needed

    Hi I'm looking for help with a Laptop, for my brother in law. His budget is about £800-900, though this comes in under (I can give him the option of larger storage if he wants, without breaking the bank). Use case is light video editing and streaming exercise classes (he doesn't game). Windows...
  9. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Laptop build

    Been a while since I've been on the forum but would appreciate some advice. Looking for a work laptop for my wife, no real gaming and mostly just office apps. She does some online teaching etc. too and her work laptop is a bit crappy and slow, especially when she's trying to do lots at once. It...
  10. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST New review builds

    Well, you wait ages for one and then three come along at once! The top end (Scimitar) leaves me a bit confused by some of the corners being cut (on RAM and M.2 speed) but I may be missing something - not costed up the savings here. The mid-point option...
  11. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Covid 19 delays

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but I've only just seen this go up on the PCS site: Might be worth pointing it out to people when they ask for help with builds, so that they understand delays are very likely.
  12. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Self-hating grammar police

    I am the sort of person who gets wound up by people confusing the words 'to and 'too'. I don't like this about myself, it doesn't make me proud - it just is. Unfortunately my keyboard's O key is playing up (maybe just needs a clean) and sometimes it double presses, sometimes it doesn't activate...
  13. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST More puzzle than joke

    I had to devise and read out a puzzle for the radio today. They put the puzzle on their website ( today with the answers tomorrow, but I thought I'd treat you to an early view: Robin Hood is showing off his...
  14. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Nice review build

    Says 17th Jan, but I only spotted it today. It would be £1499 well spent, I think, specs £193 more:
  15. polycrac


    Of the 20 hours the servers have been open, I've managed to spend 10 playing. Guess I never really needed a wife or job after all.
  16. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST A level results

    Congratulations to all getting their A level results today! And if you didn't get great grades, sod it - I screwed up mine too, failing the two subjects I wanted to study at Uni (but ended up as a lecturer in one of those subjects and with a doctorate in the other). A levels don't define you...
  17. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Broken link

    Currently the forum link from the main page doesn't seem to work - it points to: When I think it should be Or is it just me?
  18. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST PC killed the TV star

    So this was on the news today, antivirus warnings for TVs: I've read the story, and it certainly plays down from the headline but I'm not going to call it clickbait. I know the Tizen OS runs on watches as well as TVs, but that's about all I know...
  19. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST RX 5700XT TLDR: New AMD GPUs announced last night Due out on 7th July Seem to replace the Vega 64/56 as slightly faster and lower-power versions (though not as powerful as the Radeon VII) Likely that the RX5700xt will...
  20. polycrac

    PCSPECIALIST Windows May update

    Seems there are some usb issues with the update (New thread, play nice):