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  1. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST What can run Lightroom and photoshop at the same time?

    I'm looking for a new build to make my workflow a bit smoother and easier. My current laptop, has a very very hard time with image rendering and using lightroom and photoshop at the same time. So can anyone tell me the best speak to get the job done? CPU: RAM: Graphic Card: HDD: I want a full...
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    PCSPECIALIST Web Template

    Since I am trying to create a simple yet visual web site template. I would like you all to check this out and help me fine tune it. The template is how I want it. Background picture with a focus on to the centre. Now I'm looking at things like. Are you eyes...
  3. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Tablet for web on the go

    I've been looking around on the net for a tablet (Would prefer to get the ipad 2 but that's out of my budget) What I plan to use the tablet for is basicly surfing the internet on the go via wifi and wifi hotspot. Would like to use it as well for showing of photo and videos (I have a feeling...
  4. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST PHP and new web design

    Since Final Fantasy XI is down for 1/2 the day for mataince I've decided to get of my lazy ass and work on my site that I've been neglecting. Decided to start from scratch. Also anyone here good with PHP? for some resion this is not working <?php if ($name ==...
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    PCSPECIALIST Spaces are important

  6. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Fastest Built PC - Built in less than 5mins

    Saw this on the bbc news website.
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    Saw this ad on facebook its very funny. If you can't see the video, seems to be a problem on youtube right now. You can find it here:
  8. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST The Scenery Photos

    I'll start it of with this.
  9. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Photoshoped

    Taken this picture of a Rainbow, and used photoshop to try to enhance the image and draw the eyes towards the rainbow.
  10. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Free Ninja Tunes from There is your sexy link to a free album on Amazon. This tune is a bit like hip-hop. But its free so download it and check it out. Spread the word. Free legal downloads, love it.
  11. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Want to change your Windows Vista and 7 login wallpaper?

    I've found this site very helpful for anyone that wants to change there login wallpaper. You just download this peace of software and when you run it. It will let you pick from a list of wallpaper, download or add your own and apply it to login page. After that it locks the pc so you can see...
  12. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST running install of iso

    Anyone got any good recommendation for a tool or software that can run iso files as if it was a CD. Something like a virtual CD rom drive. I'm using Demon tool lite which seems to work. Just want to know if anyone has any other good recommendation.
  13. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST What is the best security software?

    Which security software out there do you think is the best one? I'm talking about all aspect like anti-virus, firewall, spy-ware detector etc... And what do you use? At the moment I'm trying something different and using the Virgin media security tool.
  14. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST My new site

    Since Final Fantasy XIV came out, I've created a new fan site. This site will have a blog, when I can be bothered to do the programming for it. Which will be like a role play story. Will also have some guides at some point.
  15. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds

    Something you lot might be interested in.
  16. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST New Web Design

    I've brought a new domain name which should be up in the next 48 hours, but the template design is here. I will be adding more features to it as I go along.
  17. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Give me a shout in FFXIV

    The game arrived today and is now full updated despite the order problem with Amazon and then the confusion over the codes and in-game item. So if You going to play or are on FFXIV and are on the Selbina Server then give me a tell or something My Character name is Alexus Jade :cool:
  18. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST FFXIV - Amazon dose not know how to take money out of ppls account.

    Amazon has done it to me again for the 3rd time now. First time I pre-ordered a game it said could not take payment despite having twice the money needed in my account. 2nd time it did the same but not on a pre-order so was able to try again and this time it tock it straight away. Now for the...
  19. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST Ergonomic Keyboard and tracker ball mouse.

    I've always preferred the Ergonomic keyboard and track ball mouse because its the most comfortable way to touch type and the tracker ball mouse offers more control and with out the strain. Its something I've never seen on the mouse and keyboard drop down option. It is something that I would...
  20. crawlerbasher

    PCSPECIALIST night time landscape/cityscape photo guide

    Anyone got any good tips for using a Nikon S3000 Digital Camera - Black (12MP, 4x wide Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD or any other digital camera similar to this. What I want to be able to do is take some photos with out the light been too fuzzy or the image been bleary. Even any tips using the...