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  1. John Dancer

    PCSPECIALIST New Office Desktop required or basic PC advice

    Ok, so it time i updated my office PC, the PC that i currently use for my work / office is around 7 yrs old, its really slow and takes ages to fire up and once up and running it takes ages for any program to start. I mainly use office word, excell etc. and corel programs on the PC, i also want...
  2. John Dancer

    PCSPECIALIST Mouse 2nd function not working correctly

    Just got the new pc up and running, loaded my Star Wars games (Star Wars Jedi outcast and Star Wars Jedi Academy) on it, and now my 2nd attack ability with the right mouse button won’t work properly. I checked the game on the old PC and it runs fine,can anyone help diagnose the problem please? i...
  3. John Dancer

    PCSPECIALIST Unpacking the new PC

    Just recieved the new PC, can someone please tell me how he heck i get the side glass panel off without damaging the PC, apart from unscrewing the 2 yellow screws what else do i need to do? It seems like the glass panel is well and truly fixed in place and i dont want to damage anything. I am on...
  4. John Dancer


    This is my first PC from these guys, my last one was over 5 years old and just a basic pc to do the everyday stuff on (it cost me around £125.00). Ideally i want to run VM ware on the pc, i also play the star wars games, and looking to do other stuff using VM. This is way more than what i have...