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    PCSPECIALIST Cyberpunk 2077

    Another 60GB update. No notes that I can see.
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    PCSPECIALIST anyone no were to get a gigabyte m32u monitor?

    Scan website says stock expected 20th Jan
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    PCSPECIALIST Affordable 4k 144hz monitor to pair with RTX 3080

    What about the 32 inch version of the Gigabyte one, is that too big? Amazon have that one, £80 more than the 28inch
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    PCSPECIALIST Affordable 4k 144hz monitor to pair with RTX 3080

    I ordered some fans that had a ETA and they arrived before the date. Only by 1 or 2 days. If I remember the date on the website changed twice before I got them slightly early. I don't remember getting any notifications about the ETA date being earlier, not sure though.
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    PCSPECIALIST Someone please help urgently

    Careful getting anyone but yourself or PCS to do any work on the PC. Think it might void your warranty if anything went wrong. Not 100% sure but wait till one of Spyder or Scott to confirm.
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    PCSPECIALIST Pc condensation from transit

    My PC arrived with loads of condensation, possibly a fair bit more than the OP's as mine was a liquid series and I guess the coldness of the time of year (mine was November last year) the liquid in the tubes, spending the weekend at the depot there was a fair amount of condensation, pretty much...
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    PCSPECIALIST AI Suite and Windows 11

    I have it on mine and its working fine. I only use it for one fan and my water pump (liquid series) as my other 6 fans are controlled by L Connect but I haven't had any problems with ai suite since updating to windows 11.
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    PCSPECIALIST AW3821DW vs. other options

    Gigabyte do 4k 32 inch screens with 144hz, looking at £750+ Darton lists a few in his post above.
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC, no Sound from the Rear onboard audio ports?

    Yes it would be.
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC, no Sound from the Rear onboard audio ports?

    I noticed on one of the pics the OP provided in the audio output device section it says speakers realtek audio as the selected device. I have this option available but I need to select the other option for speakers which is the make of my speakers/audio box or my headset make (razer) Would the...
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    PCSPECIALIST New PC, no Sound from the Rear onboard audio ports?

    Whats the difference between the rear audio ports and the case ones? Just when my PC came I had a sound card (i dont use it) but I had instructions from PCS to plug any external audio devices into soundcard ports and not the motherboard audio ports or I would get no sound.
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    PCSPECIALIST General questions

    Yes in terms of the cards themselves being very good, obviously the actual launch of them wasn't great as they didn't make enough available. Think Scott is saying, generally if the cards are great one year then you would want to miss the next launch, so miss the 4000 and aim for the 5000...
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    PCSPECIALIST General questions

    Blinder is a good term. Like saying a footballer had a blinder of a game, meaning a excellent performance
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    PCSPECIALIST CPU Fan Error & CPU Over Temp Error upon first startup.

    Is the usb fully in on the pump? looks like it might not be pushed right in looking at the picture.
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    Armoury Crate as Spydertracks says.
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    PCSPECIALIST GPU keeps crashing while gaming

    What kind of temperatures are you getting just before it crashes?
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    PCSPECIALIST Noise of new system

    Weird how the fan works but can't be changed but the other is fine. A loose connection you would think the fan won't work at all, not really familiar with the cooler but looking at the pictures of all the bits you get with it, can you see any wires on the actual fans themselves or where they...
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    PCSPECIALIST Noise of new system

    Does iCue change the other fan speeds?
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    PCSPECIALIST Noise of new system

    I had a fan in my M.2 header when it came, for me it was the rear fan on the 011D XL case.
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    PCSPECIALIST Noise of new system

    So iCue is picking up the fan but not changing the speed? I've only used AI suite and now L Connect 2 software for my fans. Would AI suite work with this cooler being on the X570 MB? That you can run a auto tune. Or can you change it in the BIOS.