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    PCSPECIALIST Cable MISmanagement - How to Stress Out AgentCooper

    Firstly I was going to say I recognise those storage baskets that you are using as height adjusters, although the ones I own hold clothes pegs ;) Secondly whilst I understand that you had to replace one of your monitors, it's such a shame that you couldn't have got another Iiyama. Iiyama...
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

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    PCSPECIALIST my latest acquisition

    What is your budget and intended use, and what monitor will you be using with the machine (or the size and resolution of said monitor). I'd also suggest that you have a read of the following post There are...
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    PCSPECIALIST Advice for a clean Windows re-install

    Glad to hear everything is sorted to your satisfaction :)
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

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    PCSPECIALIST Blue screen of death: critical process died stop code error

    Glad you got it all sorted out
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    PCSPECIALIST Blue screen of death: critical process died stop code error

    Just to check is the " ) " after cd users just a typo in the post or is that what it says on your pc ie it should be cd users and not cd users) I am presuming this is just a typo on here, but thought it best to check, as that would produce the error seen, as replicated in my first attachment...
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    Ok didnt get chance to tidy up the cabling so this will have to do, at least it will give you a good idea. Very quick review of the desk, comes with everything you need to set it up, including screwdriver, took me about 45 minutes on my own to build. It's a cheap desk, hence there is no cable...
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    You are more than welcome to come and do the cable tidying on my behalf ( I know it's therapy for you ;) ) but velcro ties instead of zip ties are my preference
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    I'll see if I can arrange that for you tomorrow, then it will at least give you an idea how it looks
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    I just used my monitor stand. Just noted as well that there is a £10 off voucher, so you can get it for £44.99. I paid £95 last August for it, and I'm now tempted to get a second having just seen the price :) I'd post a picture of the setup but I need to move the rubbish and tidy up my...
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    My desk is no where near as exotic or even as aesthetically pleasing as a lot of the previous recommendations, but I got one of these 12 months ago...
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    PCSPECIALIST Just wondering if I’m missing anything

    For £2.5k I would say that is an unbalanced build. If you haven't already I would suggest having a read of this thread and let us know what your budget is, what your intended uses...
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    PCSPECIALIST Widget for Windows 10 to monitor CPU/Temp, etc...

    Try a Google search for Sidebar diagnostics, will take you to a GitHub page or download it from major geeks website.
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    PCSPECIALIST One-liners

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    PCSPECIALIST Help to bring Build within budget

    I can't comment on how less the noise is from a Capellix, but I have the Coolermaster 240 lite in my machine (which is 4 months old), I don't use headphones, and I don't notice any appreciable noise from the cooler
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    PCSPECIALIST PC fans seem extremely loud

    Have you ever run the Fan Control profile from either within the motherboard Bios or via Asus AI Suite. If not it may be something worth doing. Forget that as I presume that ICue software takes the place of that
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    PCSPECIALIST Build advice Is where you can get your definite answer, but the simple answer is yes, its a firmware option that you have to turn on in the Bios