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    PCSPECIALIST Vortex II, Windows 10 Killed Graphics Card

    Having already searched the Internet and it has been all doom and gloom. I decided to update my 2011 Vortex II (GTX 580M) to windows 10 yesterday, all was fine until after it had finished auto updates. I shut it down to do some other work, after a couple of hours I switched it back on and...
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    PCSPECIALIST Battery Charge Problem

    Just in case I am being a biff, New vortex II arrived on Tuesday, due to working away I didn't get to see it until today, now everything is fine apart from one thing. The batteries don't charge, either of them, and the laptop doesn't power on without a battery inserted. All the indications are...
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    PCSPECIALIST Another Refugee

    Hello, Joined the forums as I have decided at my second attempt to replace my 7 yr old Alienware laptop will be purchased from PCS. Blue