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    PCSPECIALIST Its come to that time

    I have finally decided to sell on my Ultranote 2 laptop. Although this has been a workforce in delivering many things, work forces me to have something that is tablet based for taking notes, walking around sites like a tablet, but working from the desk from time to time with a high resolution...
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    PCSPECIALIST PCS are advertising on the M6

    I saw PCS now have a sign on the M6 near to Junction 17-16 going southbound on the left hand side. I travel down there all the time and noticed it the other day.
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    Anyone go skiing ? If so where?
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    PCSPECIALIST Ultranote 2 14 inch CPU fan failed to spin

    I was working away for about 15 mins on my laptop until I started using it for a little bit of graphics design. The laptop was happy then all of a sudden I heard a loud beeping sound and the computer shut down. After quick investigation, it appeared that the CPU fan had failed to kick in. So I...
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    PCSPECIALIST My ultranote 14inch laptop after 5 days

    Hi. After having the laptop for 5 days this laptop is really good. 3 things about it: Fast Sleek looking Relatively light The only bad thing about it, and its not that bad really for what I use, but if someone wanted to work with high res graphics on here, is that the screen could do with...
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    PCSPECIALIST Ultranote II 14 Review

    I have posted a review which you can see here: Please could you share or re-blog it so that the world can see :)
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    Do we have the ability to see a Roadmap of potential products coming in the future? This does not need to be in detail but many a Service Manager within the company who can say something like: "The new GPU 3d Memory technology will be integrated into our 14, 15 and 17inch laptop ranges in...
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    PCSPECIALIST The Optimus V 13 is just too thick

    Yesterday I saw an optimus V 13 inch laptop in the flesh. This was next to a dell 14 inch notebook. I must say that the Optimus V, although 13 inch, the height of the keyboard and the graphics card inside it makes it quite an unattractive option for a 13inch laptop. It the weight was just as...
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    PCSPECIALIST Thinking of changing your car ?

    Well why not go for a quiet Model S
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    PCSPECIALIST Does anyone go skiing/snowboarding - have a camera?

    I am looking to get another camera this year for when I go skiing in the winter. I usually go through the powder through chest high snow which is a laugh, so long as you dont hit a few trees on the way. Anyway, I cant make my mind up. I want something that has wide angle, and can do the job...
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    PCSPECIALIST Order by performance per item

    There are a lot of posts on here which people are replying to where building a high spec PC. Numerous times now there are build specs that include the Kingston v300 SSD disks. Although it does give the throughput in theoretical figures, the performance ratio of these SSD disks is not...
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    PCSPECIALIST im a linux user

    And a windows one too :) I run an old asus g50 gaming laptop with Gentoo linux, gnome 3.10 and v3 kernel. System-D. I have used redhat, ubuntu, suse, selinux, bsd, sco and gentoo is the one i enjoy most of all :)
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    Hello. I am new here. I work as an IT Consultant specialising in infrastructure such as Exchange server, Cisco, VMware, Hyper-V, Firewalls etc. I also do a bit of powershell and Sharepoint server on the side, not mentioning my linux laptop i love. I have about 4 computers at the moment, and...
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    PCSPECIALIST Laptops for portable business use

    It would be nice to see a device like the Voyager, integrated into a size which is the Optimus 13 without the need of the tablet function or maybe something similar to the Lenovo Yoga. Most of the machines on here are good for gaming use and multimedia. However I think there is a distinct...
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    PCSPECIALIST Thinking of getting the Ultranote 2 14 inch

    Hello, I have started my own company and now looking to get a laptop. I was looking at a Lenovo Yoga 2 13, however they work out really expensive, so I came on here to see what else was available. The first thing about the new PC is that it needs to be mobile and portable. I have a dell E6410...