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  1. Fej

    PCSPECIALIST 2 and a half years on!

    I went from being a PC gamer of 5 years with a awful computer to this sexy computer built by PCS i5 760@ 2.8Ghz (I clocked it at 3.6) 4Gb Corsair ATi PowerColor 5850PCS+ P7H57D-V Evo Titan Fenrir Cooler 640Gb WD Black Corsair 850w PSU I had a great 2 and a half years playing this PC...
  2. Fej

    PCSPECIALIST Im baaaaaack ;)

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to guys at PcSpecialist for my pc 4 months ive had my PC and no problems as yet, runs like a beauty GTA Crysis FS9/X can handle at High to max settings. Cheeeers :) :cool:
  3. Fej

    PCSPECIALIST Old hdd??

    How do i install my old 640gb WD hdd :confused: and when i put it in will it boot from that hdd always, because i dont want it too. Just want it to store downloads and that ;) cheeeeeers
  4. Fej

    PCSPECIALIST Total pc noob.

    Helloo, Just searching for some help to get a decent Pc :) Anything that's under £720 is good for me, might go over budget a little if it's worth it. I'll be ordering very soon as my old pc has died on me. Freddy