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  1. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST Windows Server 2012 R2 Mini PC spec

    Good evening, I am look at purchasing a mini computer to serve as a home server, nothing too serious, but would much rather have something small that can be tucked away. I've checked the specifications for Windows Server 2012 which are covered by the spec below, however I would just like a...
  2. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST PC not booting up, weird noises

    Hey all, basically my problem is that the family PC isn't working, this wasn't purchased from PCS and we've had it a good 5 years now. The computer doesn't start, it makes some weird noises and doesn't even get through to loading BIOS or Windows or anything. Unfortunately we got rid of the...
  3. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST Setting up a home server (hopefully using Windows Server 2003)

    Hey all Well, I've had my new PC for a while now, all working great :D And to use my old PC I was thinking of setting up a home network, I was basically wondering how I'd go about setting one up and what sorts of hardware/software I'd need. When I get home I'll have a look at the spec of my...
  4. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST It's dispatched =D

    Well, after an exciting wait my PC has now been dispatched (I'd opted for a Saturday delivery), so I should have it tomorrow morning YAY :D Thanks to the below for all their hard work :D Built By James Nisbet Tested By Zbear Ramzan QC'd By Craig Whiteley Packed By Anthony Cunliffe I'll put...
  5. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST Checking on PC Test Results

    Hey all Well my build has been built, tested, and is now awaiting dispatch (I've opted for a Saturday one as nobody would be in to collect it during the week and I wouldn't want it to go to a neighbour or a depot again :p) I was just wondering how do you check on the test results? Order...
  6. MickyG

    PCSPECIALIST My PC Specialist Order

    Hey forum people, I'm new to this forum site, and using the website in general, and was just wondering what people think of the spec I've chosen. Any comments are welcome, including improvements :p Case COOLERMASTER HAF 932 FULL TOWER GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core...